Fresh hot sauce

I made a noodle and vegetable dish last night, but because I was cooking not just for me but for Nefarious as well I didn't want to make it too hot. She's ok with spicy food, but I think maybe not quite as ok with it as I am, so I decided to try making a fresh hot sauce on the side in sort of an Indonesian style like a sambal bajak or sambal kecap…

The morning after

I'm definitely sold on it, it was way tastier than hot relish from a jar. I blended three guajillo chiles and about a tablespoon and a half of sesame seeds in a spice/coffee grinder to make the base, with some garlic powder and a touch of brown sugar and cumin as well. To this thick powder I added fresh lime and soy sauce to bring it to a usable paste consistency. Again, really really easy to make, and a zillion combinations are possible…

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