Miracle Cure-All

Everyone here is quite sick. Nefarious spent a couple days projectile vomiting, and Rachel is in the midst of it. I felt a little off as well, so I figured I needed to cook myself a cure in the form of a bunch of vegetables on a bagel again… This one is cooked in a mix of oils and a reduction of apple cider vinegar with a ton of garlic, cayenne, habanero, and other spices.

The reason that you see spicy food in countries like India, Mexico, and other areas that are hot and have traditionally had “not the greatest sanitation” is because while the spice can pass through your body relatively harmlessly, it's strong enough to kill off a great deal of microbes (both things like influenza strains, and microbes that cause food to ferment). The effect actually gives you a sort of “internal suit of armor”, even after death — they've found that if you mix cayenne pepper in with chicken feed, the chicken meat rots far more slowly after slaughter!

So anyway, if you're concerned about your health (or a saintly internment), one of the best things you can do for yourself is condition your body to consume large quantities of spicy food.

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