Life's a beach

As you know if you read this page regularly, Rachel and I own a beach subdivision out on the West Coast of the Baja (about a 45 minute drive from here in La Paz) that a few IAM members and friends have lots on as well. They're putting in a mega marina about a mile or two up the beach, so I imagine it's going to turn out to be a killer investment, but that's not really my department.

Anyway, we went out there today (the first time I've seen it personally) and I took a bunch of photos:

Parked near the beach looking toward the water.

Walking toward the beach, looking up and inland.

Standing on the beach dunes.

Local fishermen a ways down the beach.

Looking down the beach.

Looking up at the beach from the water.

Jay on the beach.

Rachel looking at the ocean, with fishermen in the background.

Walking away from the beach.

Parked at the top of the property looking at the ocean.

About half way down the property looking up at the inland portion.

The truck is parked at the back of the property and I am standing at the front.

If you're interested in a lot (1/2 acre beachfront lots in Baja California Sur, both right on the beach and set back), Rachel is who you have to talk to… It's a nice place to drop out at, and a solid place to stash and build some assets if you're thinking that way as well. Assuming you're not an IAM member, you can drop her a line at

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