Oh AOL users, I love thee so!

For whatever reason, a disturbing percentage of AOL users are, to put it kindly, not the brightest folks. Because of that, they occasionally get IAM.BMEZINE.COM and AOL.COM confused (presumably because of the similarity between “IAM” and “AIM”, as if that was an excuse) and complain to me of all people about other users on AOL. I suppose it's time for another installment of the AIM/IAM/AOL complaints department, starting with Christie Ton (“simplyxchristie”) who has a problem with “ii jenn xd”.

Warning: this is the song that never ends.

My teacher called AOL this morning and I was advised to send this threatening conversation to you. Please advise me what action you will take and what you recommend I do.

ii jenn xd: you curious of who i am bitch?
simplyxchristie: yea i am
ii jenn xd: why dont you fucking try to guess
ii jenn xd: fucking god
ii jenn xd: your a fucking nosy little bitch
simplyxchristie: i think i have the right to know who
you are if you're saying all that shit to me
ii jenn xd: well
ii jenn xd: youll just have to guess
simplyxchristie: its okay
ii jenn xd: wtf
simplyxchristie: i dont need to waste time on that
ii jenn xd: whats okay?
ii jenn xd: hahaahahhaha
ii jenn xd: yea you do bitch
ii jenn xd: im going to fuck your life up
simplyxchristie: go ahead
simplyxchristie: it obviously shows you have nothing
else in your life to worry about
ii jenn xd: your goning to be fucking crying
ii jenn xd: you little bitch
simplyxchristie: lol okay whatever
ii jenn xd: watch your back
ii jenn xd: at the end of the school year
ii jenn xd: im going to fuck you up bad
ii jenn xd: thats when im going to tell you who i am
ii jenn xd: you fucking pig nosed suck up
simplyxchristie: i dont get why you want to play
guessing games
ii jenn xd: im not bitch
ii jenn xd: dont fucking imply shit mother fucker
ii jenn xd: am i implying that you have a pig nose
ii jenn xd: or that your a fucked up dick sucker
ii jenn xd: and also a fucking suck up to teachers
ii jenn xd: wtf do you do
ii jenn xd: give them head to get good grades
simplyxchristie: but w/e people like you have nothing
better to do but make ppls lives miserable
ii jenn xd: nahsss
ii jenn xd: im only making yours miserable
ii jenn xd: im going to fuck you up
ii jenn xd: you better watch your fucking back
ii jenn xd: i hope you can run
ii jenn xd: `cause your going to be having to run all
the way to your little fucked up home with you proud
mama looking at for you like the baby you are bitch
simplyxchristie: why are you gonna do this ?
simplyxchristie: you make no sense
ii jenn xd: `cause i fucking hate you bitch
ii jenn xd: what the fuck do you not fucking
understand about that
simplyxchristie: what did i ever do to you?
ii jenn xd: i hate the way you look act and cant get
over a guy
simplyxchristie: i dont even know who you are
ii jenn xd: im going to fuck you up
ii jenn xd: just know that bitch
ii jenn xd: everyones going to be happy schools over
and your going to worry about someone fucking you up
simplyxchristie: im not worried
simplyxchristie: who said taht
simplyxchristie: *that
ii jenn xd: hahahahah good to know that
ii jenn xd: but your going to be running your ass off
you fat whore
ii jenn xd: go suck some more penis
simplyxchristie: who the hell are you?
simplyxchristie: and even if i did guess
simplyxchristie: its not like
simplyxchristie: you'd say yes
ii jenn xd: ill tell you if you guess it right
ii jenn xd: dont fucking curse at me you little
fucking whorebag
ii jenn xd: say hell one more time bitch
ii jenn xd: fucking say it
simplyxchristie: hell
ii jenn xd: hahahah your funny
ii jenn xd: i hope you can fucking fight bitch
ii jenn xd: `cause everyone in brooklyn tech is gonna
know you as the bitch that cant fight or run
ii jenn xd: your going to be know at the bitch that
had to all her mama to fight for her
simplyxchristie: just tell me who you are
ii jenn xd: i hope you have friends bitch
ii jenn xd: if your that proud and so full of yourself
that you can beat the hell outta me
ii jenn xd: you got guts bitch
ii jenn xd: but what i know is you got no friends, so
stop trying to fucking be tough and do us all a favor
and shut the fuck up
simplyxchristie: why dont you shut the fuck up becuz
all you're talking is nonsense
simplyxchristie: you cant even tell me who you are
ii jenn xd: HAHAHHA
simplyxchristie: cuz you're scared
ii jenn xd: yea i cant
ii jenn xd: `cause your gonna run to your guidance
ii jenn xd: and say the big mean bully is bullying you
ii jenn xd: i dont want to be suspended for your
stupid acts bitch
simplyxchristie: so you scared of the guidance
simplyxchristie: lol
simplyxchristie: for my stupid acts?
ii jenn xd: HAHAHHA
simplyxchristie: you're the one who would get yourself
ii jenn xd: you really want to know who you are
ii jenn xd: who i am
simplyxchristie: yea i do
ii jenn xd: im jennifer
ii jenn xd: and i go to your school
simplyxchristie: no shit
ii jenn xd: are you fucking starting shit with me
again you little whore
ii jenn xd: end of school your fucked
ii jenn xd: what dont you understand about that?
ii jenn xd: whatever, i guess you should live your
life to the fullest
ii jenn xd: peace out bitch
simplyxchristie: retard
ii jenn xd: fuck your mom whore
simplyxchristie: go fuck your dad
simplyxchristie: maybe you'll get somewhere in life
ii jenn xd: i dont have one bitch
simplyxchristie: obviously
ii jenn xd: at least im not obsessive over a guy who
dumped me 7 months ago
ii jenn xd: you lowlife
ii jenn xd: so how about this
simplyxchristie: who said im obsessing over a guy?
ii jenn xd: the day you get a guy, the day i stop
bithcing at you
ii jenn xd: which is never
ii jenn xd: oh dont worry about that
ii jenn xd: i know
ii jenn xd: whats his name roger?
ii jenn xd: or some shit like that
simplyxchristie: LOL
simplyxchristie: roger
ii jenn xd: and you call me a lowlife
ii jenn xd: go TRY nad get dick bitch
ii jenn xd: <^> fuck you
ii jenn xd: :-D
ii jenn xd: okay?
simplyxchristie: i already have one
ii jenn xd signed off at 5:40:03 PM.

I shouldn't make light of this I suppose. Online bullying and teasing actually is a pretty serious problem these days I hear… but I'm always amazed people don't just block the other person from messaging them. Next we've got “coltsfansince69″ who runs a football chat room.

i have a person in the sports football chat room who is useing my sn they have my profile also would u please catch this person and do something about it please. they are useing bad words and have others really upset.

I don't reply to these messages (not my problem), so not long after they complained again.

why are you not getting this person who is cloneing my sn in the football chat room.im going to close out the account since you wont do nothing about this.this person is useing my sn and profile useing curse words and making others mad thinking its me.also why cant you keep the sn lorddawgmeat19 out of the room he is a big trouble maker and cursees eberyone he has been reported over 50 times but keeps his account why he is making trouble tonite but your not doing nothing about it.

Hmm… I wonder why AOL isn't doing anything about it?

i have ask aol to take care of this matter but it seems you wont well ok then i will cancle this account bet on that.this person has being useing my sn the same time in here talking stupid to others but it seems you dont care.im sick and tired of this so if you wont do nothing to stop it then count on loseing a bunch of custmers its sad you all dont take care of good accounts it really is.well so be it im tired of reporting to you and nothing getting done.

Oops, did I just cost AOL a user? Well, fuck AOL. They're blocking BME from emailing any of its members, so you can bet they've cost me money as well. The more users they lose the better.

But people don't just complain about problems with their own chat rooms — this person wants to tell other people — “femaleinuse” — how they run theirs.

I have been in the room guysliketoshowf The room owner is so mean to people. she kicks them out if she doesnt like what they say. A lot of people are complaining about her. I know it is a made up room, but its not acceptable for her to be able to kick you out just for voicing an opinion. I hope you can do something about this. Room owners should not have the right to kick out people just because they dont like someone!!!!!

You know, I'm pretty sure that if it's your room, one of the privileges you get is booting people you don't like. Of course, other people want to go even farther and boot entire accounts off AOL because they don't like their content.

blui99 is sexually explicit. Should not be on AOL.

Although it wouldn't surprise me if “no sex” actually is an AOL rule? I've repeatedly seen claims that even “obseen” language is against the ten commandments of AOL.

this person was blocked from aol for using obseen language.... finally left me alone.. now hunted me down on yahoo with aol address, other is supreme_arc_angel@aol.com. I did find out how to block him, but he wouldnt leave me alone. now leaving messages on yahoo, the one that took the cake was when he solicited me. This extremely unacceptable behaior. he has gone beyond what i beleive is accetable for AOL rules. I have kept copies of messages. in case they are needed. I beleive he should not be able to continuing being allowed on line with AOL. I wouldn't doubt he could be doing this sto someone else also. He's 23 and started hittin on my 15 year. I've told him i will call the police if he comes anywhere near me, he does have address, But something needs to be done.. He went and erased his profile but still has screen name and wether he's on line. Please investigate asap, and if need more info my email is cindeerella78@aol.com. I blocked one screen anme and he bagan to use another one. Please investigate and get this guy off here. I did block him and havent received any more messages, but he's involved with computers so he may find a way around this. Please help! my home phone is 909-797-5714 if busy contact me on line. Thank you for your help. Was told by AOL to contact TOSgeneral@aol.com but not finding what I need. thank you Cindy

Hey, Cindy, don't worry. “Supreme_arc_angel” thought he was just having cybersex with a forty year old year old man pretending to be your fifteen year old. Anyway, let's move on to some more bullying.

this person is calling me bad names and using bad words. this is not the only time she has done it to me . would u please do something about this person here is a im she sent to me. she has harssment me and threatin me too .
PiNkBuNnY6955 [11:01 PM]: ew ur a fucking weirdo get a life and ur age friends BITCH

You want more?

he's send's me im's n callin me a SMScuba3 [10:57 A.M.]: your a slut n i don't like it at all please talk to me or somethin cuz he should have no right to call me names or nethin

And more? How bout adding in a little racism?

angdarange73 [5:50 PM]: hey bioch
CalinaSando [5:51 PM]: watchin our words now huh
CalinaSando [5:51 PM]: :-P
angdarange73 [5:51 PM]: yeah heffa
CalinaSando [5:51 PM]: hahhahahahahahahahaha
CalinaSando [5:52 PM]: :-P
angdarange73 [5:52 PM]: u imigrant cunt
angdarange73 [5:52 PM]: make sure u show my a in my name bioch
CalinaSando [5:53 PM]: shut up
angdarange73 [5:53 PM]: u cunt
CalinaSando [5:53 PM]: :-*
CalinaSando [5:53 PM]: dont be jealous
CalinaSando [5:54 PM]: cause u cant have this
angdarange73 [5:54 PM]: of what
CalinaSando [5:54 PM]: ;-)
angdarange73 [5:54 PM]: u fukin mexican
CalinaSando [5:54 PM]: yep thats me ty
CalinaSando [5:54 PM]: :-P
angdarange73 [5:54 PM]: r u having fun in da room
CalinaSando [5:54 PM]: yessssssssssssssss
CalinaSando [5:54 PM]: ty
angdarange73 [5:54 PM]: i c ur showing mt a bitch
CalinaSando [5:55 PM]: yep
CalinaSando [5:55 PM]: =-O
CalinaSando [5:55 PM]: :-P
CalinaSando [5:55 PM]: 8-)
angdarange73 [5:56 PM]: im gonna tos u 4 cursing in the room
angdarange73 [5:56 PM]: suck my dick
angdarange73 [5:56 PM]: say that
angdarange73 [5:57 PM]: so im waiting
angdarange73 [5:58 PM]: tell nikki shes the fat cow moo bitch
angdarange73 [5:59 PM]: hey tell her
angdarange73 [6:01 PM]: r u there
CalinaSando [6:01 PM]: shut up
angdarange73 [6:02 PM]: can o please tell that fat bitch 4 me plz
angdarange73 [6:02 PM]: and i promise i wont fuck with u no more
angdarange73 [6:03 PM]: come back in the room
angdarange73 [6:08 PM]: do it now
CalinaSando [6:09 PM]: shut up
CalinaSando [6:09 PM]: oh u wont mess with me real soon no more
angdarange73 [6:15 PM]: why is that

Or then there's Arnibah who hangs out in “BELIEF IN ISLAM”, who writes me begging that I make another little AOL racist, “PUGNOSESLAVE”, stop harassing him.

PUGNOSESLAVE said "U evil excuse of a black man."

Finally, let's finish up with this chat between “SimplySexyInNC” and “Deon6750″:

Deon6750 [8:34 A.M.]: rofl.. back in ole fat asses room sucking on her wrinkled up rotten pussy huh loser?
Deon6750 [8:35 A.M.]: she uses you good i see lol
Deon6750 [8:36 A.M.]: got a warning for ya... starts with an O and gonna blow you in the atlantic
Deon6750 [8:36 A.M.]: lol
Deon6750 [8:36 A.M.]: dumb nigger
Deon6750 [8:36 A.M.]: lol
Deon6750 [8:36 A.M.]: dumb nigger
SimplySexyInNC [8:42 A.M.]: that is what is going to TOS
Deon6750 [8:43 A.M.]: big fucking deal crybaby piece of shit
Deon6750 [8:43 A.M.]: this is aim.. aol has no jurisdication here
Deon6750 [8:43 A.M.]: STUPID
Deon6750 [8:43 A.M.]: sucking upto the fako con artist alex once again eh?
Deon6750 [8:43 A.M.]: ur her little coffee girl too funny
Deon6750 [8:44 A.M.]: NIGGER
Deon6750 [8:44 A.M.]: u act like a piece of shit nigger
Deon6750 [8:45 A.M.]: and YES you are her suckup little girl
Deon6750 [8:45 A.M.]: and whatcha gonna do about it
SimplySexyInNC [8:45 A.M.]: you are a hateful racist person with a lot of anger
Deon6750 [8:45 A.M.]: besides sit there and cry
Deon6750 [8:45 A.M.]: you sure i live there cunt?
Deon6750 [8:45 A.M.]: if so why dont you come by yourself
Deon6750: scared ?
Deon6750 [8:51 A.M.]: ahaahhahahaget the fuck lost u bore me u dumb cunt.. go back to sucking on alexs nasty ole cunt

This is what I get from this person just about everyday, He is vulgar and abusive.Can you help?

Is it bad that I have a voyeuristic drive to continue watching lesbians fight over each other? I'm patheticly addicted to all things even slightly pornographic. If it wasn't at least a little funny it would be very sad…

Well, other than a big pile of people complaining about virus emails from AOL accounts, that clears today's queue of mail from AOL members. If you want to read some others I've gotten, you can click here to go through them…
Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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