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Funny video trailer…

I just uploaded another gigabyte of new videos to BMEvideo over the last few days, so for those of you who read this diary I thought I'd post another little teaser clip. This one is really just a silly musical goof, so be sure you have your speakers turned on… The footage is hardcore and adult, but it shouldn't be anything too upsetting (unlike the last couple videos I've posted).

4 meg WMV file

Since these things always get picked up by various E/N sites when I post them here, let me tell you my “what I'll sue you over” policies. For trailers and promotional clips like that, you're welcome to recompress, republish them, and even put your overlay on them if you want, on the condition that the video is not altered in any other way and the BMEvideo logo/url is not removed from the clip.

Under no circumstances is it OK to take the private/password protected videos from the members section and distribute those of course!

Eating marlin

As you know, I have a harem of women that catches fish for me. Or something like that. Anyway, whatever the source, we have a freezer full of freshly caught young marlin from which I've been trying a slightly different recipe every day.

First of all, since you're probably wondering why, being at least in general vegan, I'd be willing to eat marlin at all: On an ethical level, I don't have a big problem eating fish because they have really primitive brain structures. On an environmental level, catching a fish on a line and eating it is far less destructive and costly here than importing vegetables, and does positive things economically… And I also believe that when you hunt your own food, you have an increased empathy for and relationship with animals and the environment.


This was the first meal I made and is just marlin steaks cooked in sesame oil and garlic, along with week-old couscous (it was crunchy) and cactus… I think I may have made a chile pepper powder and fresh lime for it too but I can't remember.

Marlin steaks again, this time cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce of ground sesame seeds, brown sugar, cascabel and other chiles, sesame oil, and apple cider vinegar. They're cooked with cactus, fresh green chiles, and chick peas.

This is a pair of blackened marlin fillets. Cooked in a super hot dry pan, they're dipped in olive oil and then in a spice powder of ground cascabel, peppercorn, garlic, and salt, mixed with whole sesame seeds. The side vegetables (red onion and zucchini) are lightly cooked with garlic.

I could literally cook a meal like this every half hour, all day long. I really love cooking and eating… One of the shows that Rachel and I watch is Starved, a sitcom about four friends with eating disorders (and one's an alcoholic). It's a really brilliant show about the nature of addiction that you should consider checking out if you don't know it. Anyway, in the last episode one of the characters becomes vegan to curb his weight “problem”.

I don't think I've mentioned this publicly before, but for most of my life I've been a compulsive overeater bulimic (yeah, laugh it up) — hence my weight fluctuating between 170 and 260… Switching to being vegan was the single most effective way to stabilize and normalize my weight (because, within reason, you can still overeat), and once you get into cooking for yourself (it's harder to eat junk food and pre-prepared dishes as a vegan) it's actually quite enjoyable and it goes farther to correct eating disorders than anything else I've experienced.

Anyway, BMEvideo got updated this morning and another BME update will go up later tonight.


If you click on the picture below, you'll get an animated GIF showing the relationship between divorce rate, percentage of people who are religious, and Republican voting.

In other news, the US “War on Porn” continues to escalate as America under Bush/Republican control solidifies its new theory that maybe freedom wasn't such a good idea after all. Recruiting for teams of people to search out and destroy people producing and distributing erotic media is currently active.

PS. “Loyal citizens” get paid $240 dollars to snitch on adult websites.

Marlin fishing off La Paz, Mexico

We had a great day out on the boat… a long day full of swimming, a ton of sun, drinks, schools of pilot whales, schools of dolphins, manta rays, sea lions, marlin, and more… Pretty tired out now but here are a few quick photos.

My two lovely dates for the day, Rachel and Heather.

   A school of dolphins in the Sea of Cortez.

There was a killer current so we had to drag Heather back to the boat with a tow-line.

   A school of pilot whales. I'd have better pictures but the zoom button is broken on my camera!

Rachel and Heather pulling in a striped Marlin.

   The fish they caught (about eighty pounds). It's currently on the BBQ.

How I spent my day.    The coast as we cruised back.

PS. I did not get eaten by a squid.

Attack from below

I'm spending the day on a boat and swimming in the ocean, and didn't get any sleep last night… nothing but nightmares about getting attacked by squid. So if that happens today, let me be remembered as a prophet. Silver linings, right?

Now to distract myself by ramming some skewers through my navel…

…ok, that's not really me!

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I'll likely have some pretty pictures to post when I get back.