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Why did I relax my diet to include fish?

Admittedly I may be some smalltown Canadian hillbilly, but my supper today really freaked me out. At first glance at least, Buena Vista don't have a lot of choices as to where to eat other than the chains, so we were just going to go to Fuddruckers for a veggie burger. When we got there we saw there was a Korean BBQ and sushi place next door so that's where we ended up.

Among other things I ordered some shrimp sashimi. I had no idea it would be served alive and I hope I don't seem to much of a wuss here, but it really freaked me the fuck out. That said, I did eat it. But seriously, eating something that's alive and moving while its head is staring at you is seriously unsettling. If I wasn't able to shift my consciousness into the part of my brain that was already stark raving mad, I'd have lost the rest of my mind.


I am so having nightmares about this. Sorry lil' guy!

Magnetic Implants Update

Since I got interviewed about it yesterday (long day), I thought it was about time to post an update on my magnetic implants (more, more). As you know I have four implants in my left hand, all single silicone-coated units. I think about three weeks ago while opening a jar, I put enough pressure on one of the magnets to tear off its silicone sheath. It's gold coated, but still not entirely biocompatible. It's not really sore or anything, but it's a bit puffy around the magnet and significantly discolored:

The other three magnets in that hand are unaffected. The long stacked magnet in my right hand appears to be doing fine, altough there's a strange twist in the way the magnet moves if I roll my finger over it which makes me think that the silicone has been compromised at the half way point.

In terms of sensation, none of the above has made it less or more, and it's still functioning as designed (both sides are about the same even though they're different configurations). I'm keeping an eye on it all of course, and if it turns into a problem I can easily remove them. I'm actually half expecting the one that's totally exposed (ie. the picture) to reject like a splinter over time but it's quite likely too deep for that to be possible.

Anyway, I think I'm going to Disneyland today but I have a nice big update processing and hope to have it posted tonight some time.

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That's a surprise.

I realize that they're talking about indicting Cheney and he's considering resigning (which would give you VP Condi), and a number of other high-ups in the corrupt Republican party are on the edge of prison, but this is definitely not the headline I was expecting to read today:

Arrest warrant issued, bail set for Tom DeLay

Still, I'll be impressed if they can make it stick… if the Republican money-elite have figured out anything, it's how to play the system. Will the house of cards start tumbling?


So I'm playing Family Feud against Rachel and I notice a funny quirk in their AI that allows you to type in slightly wrong answers (misspelled, extra words, and so on) and still get the points. We're in the final segment of the game and it asks me, “NAME SOMETHING A DOG DOES THAT A CAT WOULD BE EMBARASSED TO DO”

That one's easy I figure, and I start laughing as I type in “LICK BALLS”. I start laughing even more when it tells me I'm correct! When the final top answers got posted, it turns out that lick balls is a synonym with play ball in the game… I'm inclined to say that you could probably type in almost anything that includes “ball” or “balls” and still get it right.

Anyway… Long day coming up tomorrow as we're driving to Cabo first thing in the morning and then flying to LA for some sort of Kirsten Dunst experience. Or something like that.

Note the lack of safety netting.

You know how I mentioned that an eBay auction (more) was using my car to illustrate the car they claimed to be selling? Using an “illustrative” picture of a nicer car isn't that unusual in the kit car section, so I didn't really think too much of it until someone asked the seller the following question:

As an interesting side note, although the car is there, I'm not listed in the Manta Registry!

Anyway, I suppose I got second-hand involved in not copyright violation, but fraud, since, as you can see below, the car is currently sitting in our garage here in Mexico. Looking at the person's history, it looks like they bought a bunch of items from high-rated sellers in order to generate themselves some street cred, and are now trying to cash it in on a scam auction… Although I see now they've terminated the auction, presumably hoping that eBay won't notice. I really, really hope that it's because they know they're caught, not because they scammed someone into transferring the money “right now”.

I can't easily report it to eBay because they booted us first for selling human skulls, then later for selling pornography and what they called prescription pharmaceuticals (OTC Canada-legal anesthetics), and then finally for selling fake Louis Vuitton gear (and no, it wasn't any more fake than the skulls)… but if someone wants to pass this on to them be my guest.

In the picture on the right there (taken from the second story), you can see that Rachel has a plan to make sure that at least one person in this house is seriously injured by the end of the year.