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Forty Madonnas

So I was reading BLDBLG (who have an insane picture of a hole-to-hell diamond mine) and came across “averaged photos” artwork… Not that it's very exciting when come compare it to the real world pit of Sarlacc, but along the same lines, here are forty Madonna piercings:

I don't know how long this link will last (screenshot), but I've got to say that's in pretty poor taste from my point of view (and I'm not sure what point they're trying to make). I'm afraid I must be lacking in PC-empathy or something because my heart just doesn't go out to suicide bombers who kill a bunch of mostly innocent people because their cousin got killed before he got to do the same. The NY Times today is running an article on “The Open Source War“, basically talking about how agile terrorist groups are in terms of strategy and technology (but this has always been the strength of a guerrilla movement)… Along those lines, Defense Tech points out that Iraqi insurgents are using IRA bomb technology.

Other than that, as you know one of my projects is a concrete boat, and I found this interesting site on US concrete boats from WWI and WWII… I had no idea that the US Navy was running full size war-ships built out of ferrocement!

PS. BMEvideo updated this morning…

I'm on eBay, sort of…

So I'm looking at an eBay auction (screenshot, screenshot) for a car very similar to my Montage, and I notice something unusual in the pictures he has posted of the car… it *is* my car, but he's cropped me out of the photo. I suppose he does make the comment that he's “included a picture of a finished car as an example” but it's kind of odd, and considering how closely and oddly cropped all the pictures are I wouldn't go near this car without confirming it in person…

PS. Photo by Allen. His photo is being used commercially here, he's the one with the case I suppose!

Storm's comin'

Here's one for people who think dreams have a meaning. I tend not to remember my dreams but repeat them enough and I do… Almost every day for the last week I've had not the same dream over and over, but the same “moment” inserted into different dreams over and over. At some point in every dream I find myself standing on a beach with whoever else is in the dream, looking out over the water at massive clouds brewing on the horizon. We comment to each other about the gathering storm.

And then the dream goes on.

Steganography is the art of hiding one signal inside another signal (or inside noise) in order to hide the true nature of a message to all but those who know how to look for it. For example, you may remember the code I presented which allows one to hide secret messages inside Biblical text which uses predictable statistical anomalies to hide messages. Other people use a least-significant bit to contain data (hoping you won't notice), others use the difference (or similarity) between multiple pieces of data (for example, two audio files which produce only noise when played on their own, but become a message when played synchronously), and on and on.

Not that I'm saying that the same message repeating over and over in different dreams has a real meaning or anything like that. This morning I noticed the following email (“Fwd: Truly awesome pics before Katrina hits New Orleans”) in my inbox which mirrored the dream visually.

Oooh. Meh.

Anyway, perhaps to distract, George “I don't wanna be here” Bush has been talking about how his crony Harriet Miers, who he's nominated to the supreme court, has religion as an important part of her life. As far as I'm concerned, as soon as you say you're a religious Jew, Christian, Muslim, or any other religion that claims absolute moral authority comes from some supernatural creature, not from the wish of the people you lose the right to be a judge or take part in democratic government.

Buddhist: “There are many paths up the mountain.”

Not that it's a crime until you start taking away other peoples' rights… or lives…

Of course, as long as you've got Wal-Mart (who really sucktips on dealing with Wal-Mart), egalitarian power-to-the-people is probably impossible. And of course thanks to outsource-happy employers like Wal-Mart, parts of America are as poor as the third world. Not that that's a big surprise with corporations so powerful and so greedy, with no apparent checks to stop them even when things go bad.

…and Iran keeps on winning.

So the news has been all over how the talk that Bush gave with “the troops” was staged (more) — as if that's any surprise… I'm sure everyone has noticed that every time things get politically rough for Bush they either pull some strange PR diversion (like Harriet Miers), or raise the terror level… even MSNBC is noticing; here's a video they broadcast showing the links:


But don't complain too loudly, anti-Americanism costs money. Speaking of America, I guess people have been congratulating each other on how the budget deficit shrank 23% since last year. Now, if the US deficit had gone down, that would be a good thing, but this is about the budget deficit going down — so there's still a huge and growing deficit. So basically if you got a $300 tax refund, what actually happened is you got tricked into taking out a high-interest loan for three hundred dollars from your good friends in China that are bankrolling this economy.

Hey, did you ever just wish you were a tree?

Anyway… Rachel should be back from Cabo soon with another ex-pat that's joining us down here… Michael (Saira's husband) has arrived — he's the chef at Rachel's restaurant which should open in the next couple of months.


I was going to post this to ModBlog but I thought it was maybe a bit too dirty. I think it's a time that's come and gone, but for a while there was a kind of “I can go more extreme” in suspensions game — elbow suspensions, belly suspensions, and of course the infamous ass suspension. Ass suspension folks, you aint got nothing on my friend Didi.

Other than that, I thought I'd mention a story in the news about how marijuana improves memory and builds brain cells (thank god it's illegal, right). [via] Alcohol does it as well, but there's some suspicion that the neural pathways that grow are related to lusting for more alcohol! Oh, and sex also builds brain cells… It's like my life dream via the script of How High, and it's actually a good idea — “All I wanna do is develop my herb in a real lab, and get some head while I'm doin it.”

Add in a story about how getting heavily tattooed will protect you from skin cancer and how the faster you drive the safer you are, and everything's coming up Milhouse for me.

Oh, and above is another proposal for the BME t-shirt contest… comments go here.

Good morning web

So now that I have Phil doing an increasing percentage of the day-to-day image processing, I'm figuring out how to squeeze more work into my schedule… One of the things that's going to mean is finally finishing off some old projects, like a rewrite of the QOD system which as started in May of last year according to my code notes. It's actually kind of infuriating working on older code like that because what I write these days is so much cleaner…

I will probably keep a few current people on staff, but when I get the software completed, I'll be looking for a few new people to answer QOD questions. If you're interested, drop me a line at and include your qualifications, and I'll send you a “test list” of questions. Outside of organizational issues, the major upgrade is that this version of QOD has support for pictures.

Let's see… So Syria says that it'll open “the gates of hell” if the US follows through on its threats to invade… I've always wondered about that expression; about that threat. Does it imply then that Islam (or whatever the source of the threat is) comes from the power of Satan? Or maybe they're just saying that hell is going to have to open its gates because of all the oncoming infidel corpses. I don't know. Either way, staging war around fairy tales is pretty sad; [via] for example:

...just before one of the 2003 attacks on a residential compound in Saudi Arabia, an attacker who was in contact with his superiors was "heard on the mobile phone counting down the seconds to the 'beautiful maidens.' His last words were: 'One second to the beautiful maidens.' He then blew himself up."

Just a general comment — you're not a martyr if you're in it for the hoors… and a drug dealer isn't doing charity work if he lets you suck his cock in trade for crack. Well, at least Islam trades sex for violence… The US Christian Army is so cheap all you get is a couple of iTunes downloads.

Hey, great news from Debbie Downer for those of you looking for either a heavenly harem or pre-death online music: Iran has put radicals in charge of their nukes, wealth continues to pool in America and the rich — but incompetent — get high-responsibility jobs that they're not qualified for, war and deception goes on and on, pandemic flu is on the way and unprepared for… and kids get kicked out of highschool for having piercings because “it's too dangerous”, even though thousands of youths are killed or injured due to combative high-school sports every year.

Remember kids, violence = good, personal expression = bad!

Here's a good solution:

PS. Deja Vu?