Monthly Archives: October 2005

Lots of driving ahead

Well, I'm off to pick up Rachel and the new BME worker in Cabo San Lucas now (it's about a two and a half hour drive across the desert). It sure will be nice to have Rachel back here — I've been going crazy with her gone this long (as you can probably tell by my diminished posting rate and so on). That said, I get a few small credits for not drinking while she's been away working! Other than a bender the day she left, I had only three beers on the boat, and no booze any other day.

I have an update ready to go, so I may still post that when I return this evening but I'll probably let it go until the morning… Assuming I don't get lost or crash or anything like that… this is the first time I've done this drive without my navigator…

Some people…

…just don't know when they've got a good thing. Rachel and I try and help a lot of people, and it's always a strange experience when one of them flips out, goes nuts, and starts making up lies and doing what they can to attack us. Just an odd way for people to behave.

But I do at least have a highly amusing message;

"It is not like I am a pale Canadian who hates America and has white tattoos on my face. you have white tattoos and are fucking transparent as it is. you are weak as fuck. Sorry, I am more real than you. I am more successful as a human than you. It has little to do with money. I got more on the inside. I have to get my tattoo appointment going to finish my face in black ink and go back to real job and not make money off body mods and love america."

Heh… What's funny is that's not even in response to anything, even though it sounds like it is!


Various Meals

I've forgotten to take pictures of the various things I've cooked over the past few days (all very simple vegan meals, mostly trying to perfect a DIY pad thai sauce), but I thought I'd clear my buffer of marlin dishes (I paused those because I was getting a bit sick of it, but there's still a few in the freezer).

Left-to-right: 1. Red kidney beans, noodles, and blackened marlin; 2. Marlin in a sweet and spicy sauce with zucchini and cactus; 3. Red onion and marlin in a sweet sesame pepper sauce; 4. Spicy marlin noodle stir-fry with yellow pepper and cactus; 5. Chick pea, cactus, and onion fried with noodles in a faux pad thai sauce (actually the best meal of the set I think — as much as I have the occasional hankerin' for seafood, good vegan meals are always my favorite).

Anyway, I'll post an update on server move and downtime issues in the next hour or two (it may be tonight, or it may be either tomorrow or Sunday), and then I'm off to the airport to pick up CT.