Did I have a near death experience?

I went over to the mechanic's place today to see how the Manta Montage was doing in its hospital stay. I have to leave next week to visit Rachel's mother for Thanksgiving (without Rachel… how awkward is that, ha ha, luckily she's a very nice mother-in-law), so I'd hoped to get the car on the road before leaving so I can drop it off at the interior place so that's done while I'm away.

Anyway, since I got it, the rear right wheel has been making a terrible racket when driving. I'd first assumed that it was just something rubbing (the inner fender had come loose at the front left and it had caused a similar racket), but later after a proper check it was obvious it was a problem with the brake. The assumption was that it was just something minor, but check this out:

It's like one of those scenes from a road race movie where someone's wheel falls off while they're driving. I wonder how close I came to that happening. Ok, not really very close because not only are you at minimal risk below 20mph, but also because most of the pieces were still attached… but I can pretend it was a big adventure… Anyway, we think that's a disc from an 80's Camaro, so tomorrow with luck it will be on the road for real.

PS. For those that know nothing about cars, that's supposed to be one piece!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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