Bitch is you smokin reefer?

First, if somehow you haven't seen the George Bush doesn't care about black people clip, follow the link to download it. I was thinking about that statement and I think Kanye mostly missed the point when he blurted it out (although good for him for having the courage to not just read the cue cards like a good little performer). I actually think George Bush is one of the less racist people in right-wing politics… however, he is a classist, and it's classism that's the real problem in America.

Sure, there's a right-wing power structure that enacts policies that fan the flames of racism — but it's there only to distract from the real societal imbalance (the fact that money pools in very small pockets of the population, and stays there). When people misdiagnose America's problem as racism, any attempted cures are fighting the wrong battle… So if anyone tells you America is a racist culture, explain to them that racism is just a distraction from classism.

The concentrated assets (and power) that result from American classism have left the American people with an oligarchy and only the facade of democracy, full civil rights only for the top 1%, and a middle class that's rapidly decaying into the legions of impoverished lower classes. In addition to the direct injustice classism brings inside America, it's also classism that's going to cause America's downfall as those increasingly concentrated pools of assets become extranational and lose any patriotic duty they had to their homeland or its people. As America falls they loot it for what they can and move on to repeat the cycle on the next frontier.

Blah, blah, blah, eat the rich, blah blah blah.

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