Al Sharpton is a piece of crap

For a long time I incorrectly thought of “Reverend” Al Sharpton as a harmless joke, a sort of buffoon politician that was funny to have around. Hell, at first glance the platforms he's run on even seem like a noble idea. They say he may even, after many cameos, have his own sitcom on CBS called — I kid you not — Al in the Family. Seeing his latest bullshit though forces his story to be told again.

Now, I'm not talking about things like the fake white-on-black gang-rape. I'd rather talk about how since 1983 Al Sharpton has been a Federal informant supplying law enforcement agencies with information on black leaders, activists, and celebrities (ie. COINTELPRO). More recently he ran for President as a “Democrat”, funded by the GOP to run interference for the Republicans.

Or is all that too conspiratorial? You don't want to believe that COINTELPRO is real and Al Sharpton is one of its pawns? Or maybe all that was a smear operation by the FBI.

But now Al Sharpton is directly attacking the black and impoverished community by becoming a sponsor for LoanMax, a predatory lending company that survives by stealing from the poor. What this company does is seek out people who are on the verge of bankruptcy and unable to get reputable credit, but that own their own cars. It then aggressively sells them loans that are beyond their means to pay off.

The loan is at 300% to 400% interest and for a small percentage of the value of the car. It is often due in as little as 30 days. If the loan is not repaid in full, the car is repossessed and sold, and LoanMax keeps all of the profits (the difference does not get paid back to the real owner of the car). Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm saying this is not just a poor thing but a black thing, it's not only because there are a disproportionate percentage of people who are both poor and black, but because the lending industry has most strongly lobbied for laws permitting this type of loan in states that have large black populations.

So that's who Al Sharpton is now advocating to the black community. Promotion of debt culture is the single most powerful weapon in the ongoing class war, and that class war begets a race war, crime, and a great majority of the suffering in this world. I don't care if he's involved because he's actively fighting against the populace as an illuminati pawn, or if it's because he's just a greedy patsy fuck that'll take money from anyone and thus betrays his supporters, but why crooked politicians — as if there's any other kind — continue to run without the media exposing them is beyond me.

It's no wonder the mainstream made fun of Kucinich.

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