Hymen Reconstruction Disgusts Me

In North America (Canada and the USA) it is generally not permissable for a cosmetic surgeon to perform a subincision. As has been explained to me by doctors, the basic reason is that subincision is not inside our cultural norms, and thus a doctor that performs it puts their license at risk. You might find one that is willing to ignore the rules, and of course there are “underground” practitioners that are unaffected by AMA standards due to not being doctors, but as a general rule it is reasonable to say that performing a subincision is not an act that a doctor in North America may do.

Oh, and to set the foundation of my story, the purpose of a subincision is to expose the urethral nerves of the penis to more stimulation, and to widen and texturize the penis. That is, the goal of a subincision is to make sex feel better (and for both parties). It is a purely positive procedure.

However, one of the fastest growing sectors in cosmetic surgery is not subincision, but hymenoplasty, in which the vaginal hymen is artifically reconstructed. The singular and stated goal of hymenoplasty is to cause “pain and bleeding during intercourse” for the woman, and many women stop enjoying sex for long periods after the surgery — and to continue being clear, that is the goal. One patient quoted in the linked article, a medical assistant, calls it “the ultimate gift for the man who has everything”.

What kind of sick fuck of a man's ultimate gift is his wife's pain and suffering during sex? This isn't some fantasy BDSM lifestyle thing — this is normal people being sexually tortured in order to please some imaginary God… and the fact that the whole thing is built on deception makes it especially ironic, since it hammers home the fact that this isn't about God at all — it's about the Law of Man, about solidifying woman's place in society and relationships as a collector of agony for the amusement of rapists.

And don't get me started on men who cut off part of the penis of babies and then suck out the blood with their mouths (search for mezizah). Yeah, that's legal too. Seriously, the evil shit that people do in the name of God disgusts me. If a loving God exists, you can bet that God is 100% into subincision on adults, but is likely not thrilled about mutilated babies and abused women.

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