Monthly Archives: December 2005

What's in your task bar?

I've been building a lot of client/server tools in “my real job” lately, so I thought it was about time to take those skills and apply them to IAM. I won't have time to complete it today because Rachel is back soon, but a full live (instant notification) taskbar client is almost good to go…

The best part is that if a lot of people use it, it'll actually reduce the load on the server (because it's push rather than query based). The protocol is open, so you'll be able to write your own clients if you want.

No, they can't hear you scream either.

[I noticed this old article because the excellent BLDGBLOG picked it up]

So a while back New Scientist ran an article on space hotels. The following diagram is included regarding the space hotels being planned by Bigelow Aerospace. I'd love an explanation as to why New Scientist (or whoever is ultimately responsible for the inclusion of this diagram) is unaware of the fact that you can't walk on the floor like this in a weightless environment. Do they not have editors?

Am I being petty? I don't think so. I expect people — at least people involved in building a space station or even just documenting it — to have some awareness as to the intricacies of the theory of gravity. Sorry. Law of gravity. It's not optional or undetermined or even being denied by the Church any more.

You know you want to.

I'd been ask to prepare this design for a print run. If there's interest, it could be printed on any color in theory… so if you want one, let BMEshop know that you want one and what your color preference (if any) is. Anyway, by request, here's I <screw> BME girls/boys

RIP Dan Kopka

Dan Kopka is one of the seminal figures in Western body piercing and is in part responsible for the industry that we all enjoy. He was one of the first piercers certified as “master piercer” by Jim Ward, and was responsible for most of the piercer training at Gauntlet NY where he trained Keith Alexander, Lauren Pine, and others. I'm very sorry to pass on the following email:

It is my saddest notice to make to those who have known Dan Kopka the Master Piercer. Dan has passed away on Dec. 08, 2005. Always remember him as the charismatic person that he was. For any positive comments on how he has influenced your life please contact me at

- Dorleen Kopka

New Vinyl BME Stickers

I'm finally doing another large run of BME stickers — I think it's been well over a year now (maybe well over two years) since I did my last run of them. So come new year we're printing a gigantic run of BME stickers, and here's the best part — they're free!

The way it's going to work is you can get stickers in one of two ways. First, you can send in an SASE and it'll get mailed back to you with stickers in it. Second, you can have a big sticker pack mailed to any studio (it'll just be a matter of filling out an online form requesting them). So if you're a piercer, tattoo artist, or otherwise shop affiliated, you can get them for free with minimal effort, or if you're a client of the studio, send them to the shop and help promote BME to other clients as well!

I've got designs of my own of course, but if you have an idea for a sticker design, feel free to email it to and maybe it'll be included in the run (BME logo clipart here).

Update: Since a lot of people are asking, here's answers to the big three questions:

  • What is an SASE? An SASE is a self-addressed stamped envelope. So basically you mail me an envelope containing a stamped envelope with your address on it. When I get it, I stuff it with stickers and send it back.
  • Where do I send the SASE? You'll be sending them to a friend in the US. Details will be posted later. They are not posted yet because the stickers do not yet exist!
  • Where is the online form for studios? Nowhere yet! It will be posted as soon as I have the stickers in stock. Watch for it here, on ModBlog, and BME.

So to be clear: this print run will be back probably at the end of January, which is when we'll make them availabela and start sending them out.