Manta Montage and a revue

Sad day for me, I've put my Manta Montage on eBay.

Other than that, let me quickly catch-up — Badur and I have spent far too much time in the last week over at the BME co-lo. Here's a photo of our server room neighbors (they do email solutions I think)… Their setup is much, much more impressive than ours so I'm posting a picture of it instead of ours. I don't know if that's a violation of the intense security at the facility… I hope not!

We went there because of issues with one of BME's (as in drives. You may have noticed though that a while after BME went offline, IAM (as in went offline also. In the left photo below you can see a recreation of the explanation — instead of cycling the power on the main site, I accidentally recycled it on IAM — oops! And then it had to do a drive check on reboot because of the unexpected death (no errors), so it took a few hours to come back… Sorry…

I had the sense to bring a book the second time — Adventures from the Technology Underground, all about rail guns, pumpkin launchers, Tesla coils, and so on. It's a lot of neat stuff and a fun read that luckily took pretty much exactly the amount of time to consume cover-to-cover in the time I was there. Thanks to the wishlist elf who sent it my way along with another fun book.

Err, I look kind of morose in that picture? Anyway, today I went down the street to Yasi's Place with Blair where Saira was spinning records (lots of dub and reggae). It's fun getting to go out with people that I don't really know (I'm talking about Saira's friends, not Blair of course) again after a long time of seeing just the same people over and over and over (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Yeah, that was a dull entry with uninspired writing. Putting the Manta on eBay was a little emotionally draining… I never really got to enjoy it as much as I'd have liked to; I wish it was easier to move unusual cars into Canada.

Oh, and I also got to see Orbax and make plans for the (delayed) release of his book and DVD.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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