Minivan, oh no…

No, I'm not buying one! But I do have one rented so I'm walking out the door to do that now. Lots of friends have offered to help me move tomorrow and the next day, but I figure it's safe to have a vehicle of my own as well. The Red 93 Cherokee that I mentioned that a friend is selling me is just going through emissions testing right now, plus my Porsche can go on the road when the weather is a little safer for it (I suppose I'm lucky a buyer was never found).

At my new place I've got all the utilities transferred, and have just a few errands left to run before tomorrow. Other than that, I foresee a great deal of heavy lifting in my immediate future… I have far too many not enough books in boxes to move. I have to pick up a little furniture, house supplies, and all that as well, which brings me to a question:

Where can I get bean bag chairs in Toronto?

The place I'm moving into has a finished carpetted basement, so I was going to put my big TV down there, some bean bag chairs, and have a traditional rec room sort of thing… And of course Nefarious's toys as well. But yeah, if anyone has an answer that's more definitive and informed than “why don't you go look at Walmart”, I'd love an answer…

Update: 1101001 says “

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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