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Knuckle Tattoo Tricks

This is a word geek entry. Check out the various styles of knuckle tattoos below:

The left and right examples are the most common ways of doing lettering on fingers — one or two words are placed on the fingers and are read from left to right. Pretty basic and not too confusing. Getting a little more complicated you've got the example in the middle where the word is split between two hands, and can only be read when the fingers are intermeshed like this — the hands on their own read “EULT” and “QAIY”, but when combined spell out “EQUALITY” in this example.

That's cool and all, but of course “EULT” and “QAIY” are gibberish by themselves. I got to thinking that there must be at least a few combinations of words that are valid both as four letter words and as meshed eight letter words, so I wrote a little application to analyze my dictionary files to find out. Here's a few examples that I discovered:

First hand Second hand   Combined

I'm not buying “WEIRDIES” being much of a word but my dictionary claims it is! In addition to the eleven I've listed above, I found twenty six more combinations of four letter words that could be meshed into valid eight letter words in this way… Does this mean I have too much time on my hands? Or just that I'm a fool when it comes to deciding how the limited time I have gets consumed?

I think my favorite is “PAMS SLIT” because it sounds so nasty, but the true meaning is the oh-so-holy and not at all nasty “PSALMIST”… “COLD SHOE” is pretty funny too.

Oh yeah, and while I've got you: ModBlog is back!

"Serenity Now!"

I'll have a nice big BME update posted shortly, but I got tattooed today by my friend Ronan at King of Fools today. I'm not sure how well it will hold since this location is a bit of a crap shoot, but here's what we did this afternoon:


You know, it's funny… I have had around a hundred piercings, multiple body parts bifurcated, about a dozen implants, as well as brandings, cuttings, and fifty or sixty hours of tattoos, but I always feel on edge when I'm about to get blood drawn… I hope the stuff that happened today was productive, and that I haven't waited too long to do it and let it escalate beyond the point of no return.

Manta Montage Update

Earlier today Nefarious and I (and my mechanic) drove out into the desert to visit the guys who are doing the transmission rebuild on my Manta Montage. As I've mentioned it's kind of an odd backwoods region — like you almost expect to stumble across the Cahulawassee River and some kid playing the banjo. Anyway, sitting there in the midst of it is my car:

They've completely disassembled it and put it back together, finding nothing wrong with the transmission… The current theory is that the problem still lies in the shifter, which we'd cobbled together from a mid-engine kit designed to be used with Type IV Volkswagen transmissions (ie. a VW bus) in custom vehicles… This however is not a 4-speed VW tranny but a 5-speed transmission out of an older Porsche 911 so the range of motion may be a little off.

Although I'd thought this kit was going to solve my problems, it looks like we're going back to my original plan of transplanting a cable-based shifter such as one out of a Fiero… They tell me they have a guy they work with that's done such a job before, so Attempt III of this project begins on Monday. Fingers crossed! At least labor is inexpensive in Mexico and I hope they all get a kick out of the car.

I've been thinking that Phil or someone down here needs to start a “VW Bugs of Mexico” blog because there are so many different sorts of sand rails, Baja bugs, Things, and oddball custom jobs driving the streets here since they still manufactured the Beetle up until I think two years ago in Mexico. For simple starters, here's a couple Baja bugs; a red one and a blue one:

Or maybe you prefer one with the roof chopped off?

Perhaps you're a fellow that prefers hot rods? Here's one that's not got a chopped off roof but simply a chopped roof. The whole job was very home made but it still looked great — the owner seemed quite tickled that someone would pull over to take photos of his creation.

Anyway, I could go on and on about these but I have work to do!

Bigotry is not Christian

Something that consistently surprises me about IAM is that even here there are deep undercurrents of bigotry, split primarily between the white power hardcore scene and anti-gay Christians. I've clashed with both, but currently the clash is with the latter since I'm not willing to accept the idea that God so despises homosexuals that they deserve an eternity of suffering. Nor am I willing to quietly stand aside as people blabber out the lie that the Bible backs up this extreme homophobia.

How many people have died or live in deep depression because they've spent their lives being told that their very existence is an abomination? There is nothing more despicable than the homophobe that hides behind the Word, that claims to love gays while at the same time warning them of the eternal suffering that awaits them — “hate the sin, love the sinner” just doesn't fly when “the sin” is the very nature of the person being denounced. You can not separate the two.

So now my email and IM box is full of threats of physical violence toward myself and my family from so-called “Christians”, as well as promises from people to leave IAM because they feel their rights are being trampled since they're not being allowed to have their bigotry lurking in the shadows. You know what? Good riddance. If you have a problem with gays, or with blacks, or with people with curley hair, please do remove yourself. You're not wanted here.

Jesus (whether he is mythological or real) was an anarchist, a bisexual (which helps explain his understanding of persecution as well), a drunkard, and a pothead who preached love for all and whose best friends in this world included sex workers. That said, my claims here are debatable of course and you can easily come up with scripture that claims the exact opposite — such is the deeply contradictory nature of the Bible. With careful quoting, you can make it support or denounce nearly anything.


I've written on this in the past, but let's look at it logically for a moment. At this point we know that homosexuality is completely natural and significantly biological in nature, and also exists in animal societies at all levels — and even if you dispute that, gays don't harm anyone by that nature. So if you're a Christian, ultimately you do need to accept that gays are very much an apparently innocuous part of God's creation (or at a minimum are just living life the way they were born in a loving fashion and not hurting anyone in the process). It is my sincere belief that an open hearted reading of the Bible completely supports gay rights and completely accepts loving homosexuality.

However, not all people read the Bible with an open heart and come to a very different conclusion (although it's interesting to watch as they pick and choose scripture to support their sociocultural prejudices, and ignore or re-interpret scripture which denounces their own sins). I'd like to point out the obvious about a God who sentences his children to eternal suffering for living their lives as he forced them through their very nature to do — such a God is fundamentally cruel. I find it quite heartbreaking that people are willing to embrace a God that is the definition of evil… surely that can not be right?

Anyway, if the above attitude leads Conservative “Christians” (this entry is about bigots, not about true Christians) to leave IAM in protest, good. Go. You're not welcome here with those attitudes. If you want to believe this is some Satanic or humanist plot against your holy mission to rid the earth of the queer menace, keep on sending me death threats and promises to do everything you can to have BME shut down, fine, but you're really just making my point with your actions.