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Today was a lazy day spent building castles and towers out of blocks, doing a little image processing, writing for modblog (the biggest reason why I don't post here that much I suspect), and an assortment of little tasks including prepping a new article titled “What's so special about New Jersey?”

I also picked up some clay to start finally making the bucks* for BME's line of “modified dildos” — the first two products are a bisected and a subincised dildo… They're cast in multi-shore silicone and their goal is not to look realistic but to feel realistic. A little later I'm going to need dildo testers so if you feel you're qualified — I'm looking for people who enjoy using sex toys and are fairly aware of what's going on in their ass and/or genitals (I need both male and female testers) so they can give me useful feedback as to what works and what doesn't. There's no pay involved but you do get a bunch of neat custom sex toys that I hope you will enjoy.

Other than that, Rachel and Emrys are coming to visit soon, both of which I'm looking forward to quite a bit, although in very different ways that will be commented on here using very different sorts of innuendo. Finally, since it makes me very uncomfortable posting entries without pictures, here are a few old ones:

The vacation where I stopped by in Phoenix to visit Steve Haworth (August 2000 I think) was one of my favorite road trips… and the only one on which I shot anything in a .50cal.
Rachel has always been great with dimwitted animals, be they kittens or be they me… Here's a kitten she cared for not long after we met (I've got to find the photos of her feeding hot dogs to the raccoons that lived on our roof).
I've thought about making a shirt based on this photo of my old friend Dan (who is still doing fine here in Toronto) suspending about five years ago.

What better to fill it with than people I care about?

* A buck is the object that a mold is taken from.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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