I see your iron, and bend it

So before I get to writing for ModBlog, I'll tell you a little more about my relatively uneventful day. As you know, the morning got killed off at the colo space (and Phil stayed here working on submissions), and then it was off to breakfast with Marty, his mother, and Badur.

Then I “built” (that's taking a little too much credit) a house for Nefarious that she got a big kick out of and insisted on taking lots of pictures (here she is taking a nap after moving in a few toys and bedding)… I think because she's grown up not just around cameras, but around multiple people who take a ton of pictures, she expects everything to be documented.

Later we headed up to Office Depot to pick up an ethernet cable for my laser printer so we could convert it into a network printer (done and done), as well as a few CD racks so I could take my old music out of storage and set it up next to my stereo. In the process of unpacking the old CDs, I found some digital photos from back in 1997, including this shot of my right arm when it was first tattooed with what would eventually become my Frank-inspired sleeve.

It actually kind of freaks me out seeing this old picture of my arm… Not so much because of the lack of tattoos, but because I was so disturbingly skinny back then. It never really bothered me in my body or face, but I hate seeing myself with thin arms. For comparison here is what I look like now (let me just add that I feel like a total dork taking posed pictures like that, I just wanted to illustrate), and this is about the size I've been most of my life… Again let me emphasize that follow-up picture is there only to illustrate the difference and I cringe at having posted it.

Anyway, I'm far from big now (as in muscle mass, not just mass in general) and haven't exercised in the least in two years (gotta get myself out to the gym and get that rolling) so I'm kind of sloppy and fat, but I have this obsession with bending steel and old time ironmen… so who knows… maybe I'll find the gumption to get in shape before I let it destroy my (currently excellent, barring a couple of looming problems) health… I've said that how many times before?

I do like the idea of being able to bend crescent wrenches as a party trick. I like it because at first people are like “wow, how did you do that, that's amazing” but then a moment later, as you're waving good-bye and starting to jog down the street, they shift over to “hey, what the fuck did you just do to my $500 tool set?” as they stare at the useless twisted metal in anger.


Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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