And now, the PVR plays Survivor

So far the ads on Zentastic (just this afternoon) are doing alright:

Can't go wrong with that number. I guess if this pace keeps up it'll make about $200 a month or something, which is pretty cool — if you multiply that out over a year it's enough to pay for a vacation! I just hope that their human who reviewed my blog took a thorough look and they don't play some lame “but you're in violation of our terms of service” scam — if they cancel me, would they refund everyone who paid them for the ads? I wonder…

Anyway, I didn't really do too much today… Nefarious and I played until about one in the afternoon, then I did a bit of work and Saira, Michael, Nefarious, and I went out to the local sports bar for some poutine (and a little chocolate ice cream for one of us).

Waffles are so much better with a good sauce. In a pan, heat up a little butter or margarine. Add a bunch of berries (I used blueberries and blackberries in this case), a little water, and sugar to flavor. Reduce all that to a sauce… so yummy!

Yes, it's true, we built a temple. But before you start worrying about all the religious themed paintings and sculptures, it's sort of like the Simpsons — multi-layered multi-age appeal. To her it's a part, but to me it's a temple for storing the sacrificial animals!

I'm super excited because Rachel is coming to visit tomorrow. She may be my “ex” (which sucks, but what are ya gonna do?) but she's still one of my closests friends and I've missed her a lot over the last month and a half. Oh, and I'm also excited because I'm getting tattooed tomorrow — we're finishing off my right arm's sleeve, and confirming the details of my left arm.

And I also have my new canvas primed and ready to go… But I don't think I'll have time to get it started until I get back from Edmonton. I think it's going to be a nice underwater scene with lots of creatures (“Beneath those stars is a universe of gliding monsters” -Melville) and maybe a submarine… and I always like painting things that involve many beautiful shades and blends of blue. I'm thinking about using glow in dark paint and making a double painting that looks different at night.

They say the sea is cold, but the sea contains
the hottest blood of all, and the wildest, the most urgent.

All the whales in the wider deeps, hot are they, as they urge
on and on, and dive beneath the icebergs.
The right whales, the sperm-whales, the hammer-heads, the killers
there they blow, there they blow, hot wild white breath out of the sea!

– James Tiberious Kirk, Star Trek IV
(Quoting DH Lawrence, Whales Weep Not)

Water is life.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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