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I just got this very important note from Darrin about the college scholarship he runs for this community. You can also click here to read about last year's winner. I've just made a small donation (and hopefully can make another later), I hope if a few more people chip in a little bit we'll be able to again contribute to another modified person getting a good education.

There are only three weeks left to apply for the IAM.BMEZINE College Scholarship!

That's right. There's only three weeks left to apply for the IAM College Scholarship. There's also only three weeks left to send in a contribution and have that contribution matched, dollar for dollar (although contributions will, of course, be accepted after that).

If you're outside the US, be sure to read the deadline information, as we made some changes to make it easier for you to send the paper copies of your application, etc, at the last minute but still on time, without much expense.

Any questions? Need more info? Want to apply? Want to send in a contribution? Check out the IAM College Scholarship forum at:

Please post this info on your page and tell anyone you know who may be interested in either contributing or applying.

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