United States of Saudi America

The extent to which America continues to revoke its civil rights is escalating… The new theocracy has already gotten abortion banned in South Dakota (more) with a promise of more states to come, and in Texas they're currently running a statewide sting operation busting people for public intoxication if they get drunk in a bar (seriously).

As you may have read recently, rape videos and videos of people being shit on are legal in the United States, but you can now go to prison for videos of nipple piercing, which are legally considered “obscene” (more, more). In addition, “obscenity” is currently being defined as the US as something which would offend any community (more). To be very clear — if the content you're producing is offensive to Christians, you can not publish it in the United States without risking obscenity charges.

Anyway, if you download and view the video below (let alone show it to anyone else) and you live in the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and handful of other deeply repressive and controlling cultures, you may be committing a crime that could get you serious prison time.

(about a three meg wmv file)

Obviously the content in this video is graphic, but I would like to make it very clear that what you see in the video is completely consensual (it's solo in fact), no one else is harmed (and the injury is temporary), it is done for personal pleasure in private, and the individual doing it wasn't paid — they did it because they wanted to and it made them feel good. I find it deeply offensive that me sharing that video is a criminal act, while I can share videos of extreme violence, murder, and rape, and not face persecution.

Ah, theocracratic priorities… Violence, fear, and hatred are good, but pleasure is bad.

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