In Lindsay and Oshawa…

I had a nice time visiting with Ryan and Corrie and getting to see the shop… I was told the drive could be as much as three hours, but I drove it in just over an hour. I've also driven from Belleville to Toronto in under an hour (in my old TT). Anyway, what I really wanted to write about:

My brother Devon was awesome today… In an intense and grueling half hour series of matches, he beat the odds and destroyed Ron Bath in a grudge match and rose back toward number one in the world to number three in the mens unlimited class. It's the first time I've been to a professional tournament (this one had many of the top guys in the world at it; John Brzenk, UFC/K-1 Pride Fighter Gary Goodridge, Travis Bagent, and more) and it's wild to see what it can build to… I really am incredibly proud of my brother, and seeing him and his friends in action there really makes me believe they have what it takes to take what is currently the largest underground sport in the world into the mainstream.

The second-from-last picture is there for Saira and Rachel to ogle.

It was kind of a cool family thing too because my sister (go watch her movies) was there filming for ARM TV (when that gets posted I'll mention it again; and they interviewed me too), and of course I designed the shirts… So everyone was a little involved. Oh, and to put the above pictures into full context, my brother is about six and a half feet tall! He's a giant!

Anyway, he's still back there right now arm wrestling in both the 220lb category and the unlimited class (in both right and left as well I assume)… I definitely don't have that level of stamina (wow). I think there's something like $20,000 in prize money at this meet so I hope he continues to do well!

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