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Updates Posted!


Whew! Another long, long day… I got up at a bearable time today and then painted for an hour or two in the morning while Phil worked on the images. We've gotten well over three thousand posted today (about a third in the members areas). In addition, ModBlog and BMEvideo were both updated as well… and for those of you who read it, thanks to some submissions from a friend on IAM, Under Mars (the military photo site) is also updated.

Other than that, some dick named “XXXXXXXXX” from XXXXXXXXX (redacted because I consider this situation resolved-ish) keeps sending me deranged threats. I guess some apprentice at his shop wrote an experience where the follow-through was bad, and he's flipping out that it's a lie that makes the shop look bad and I have to remove it immediately. I told him I'd be happy to post a counter-story, or that he could fill me in on the details and I'd investigate the issue… He refused to give me any other information and just kept threatening to call his lawyer, and demanded that it happen by the end of the weekend. Uh, no.

Eventually after he kept refusing to give me any details about the specific nature of his complaint (apparently I'm “slenderizing his studio”), I told him to stop wasting my time and just pay his lawyer to listen to him blabber… so he sent me this…

It's going to be money well spent to see that bs idiot zoo you call a website come down. I've already made list of the tattoo shops that have been insulted on your website and I'm going to contact them all.

You're an insult to the business of tattooing and body piercing and will be a pleasure to assist in your website's demise. If you think it's alright to slander and allow false statements to be made about someone's business get ready for the same.

Have a great night freakshow.

I don't know, to me, the experience really didn't seem like a big deal. A piercer lost a follow through on an unusual piercing. Fact is, it happens. Nor does it seem that strange to me that a reversal might be tried on an apprentice. But, because the shop is refusing to say anything other than “remove that now”, I can't fully confirm the details of course, but I sure can confirm that at least a part of the staff at that studio are assholes, and I personally wouldn't go in there for anything.

Whatever… I'm looking forward to hearing what “false statements” he and his motley crew of also-poorly-written-of artists are going to issue to “slander” BME as he carries out his promised retaliation.

Anyway, I'm out of here… tomorrow morning I have to get up at about 6AM (which SUCKS) to make it to Ryan and Corrie's place and then to Oshawa in time for the arm wrestling tournament. It's at Park Place Sports Bar and Grill (across from the GM plant) tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon if you'd like to come. I'll be the tired looking guy with the tattoo on his face…

Oh yeah, and thanks to Beachnut for the cover shot!

Organics and Acrylics

We got our first delivery of organic fruit and vegetables today from Green Earth Organics. For starters we got their smallest box — here's what you get for $36. It's not really what's listed on the website but still seems like a nice healthful and tastey selection.

We're prepping a variety of site updates right now, so hopefully I'll be able to get all that posted tonight… I am going out to Lindsay and Oshawa tomorrow, and leaving here at 6AM or so, so the clock is ticking.

I'm also slowly moving along on a new painting called “Life is beatiful, but tomorrow you die.”

United States of Saudi America

The extent to which America continues to revoke its civil rights is escalating… The new theocracy has already gotten abortion banned in South Dakota (more) with a promise of more states to come, and in Texas they're currently running a statewide sting operation busting people for public intoxication if they get drunk in a bar (seriously).

As you may have read recently, rape videos and videos of people being shit on are legal in the United States, but you can now go to prison for videos of nipple piercing, which are legally considered “obscene” (more, more). In addition, “obscenity” is currently being defined as the US as something which would offend any community (more). To be very clear — if the content you're producing is offensive to Christians, you can not publish it in the United States without risking obscenity charges.

Anyway, if you download and view the video below (let alone show it to anyone else) and you live in the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and handful of other deeply repressive and controlling cultures, you may be committing a crime that could get you serious prison time.

(about a three meg wmv file)

Obviously the content in this video is graphic, but I would like to make it very clear that what you see in the video is completely consensual (it's solo in fact), no one else is harmed (and the injury is temporary), it is done for personal pleasure in private, and the individual doing it wasn't paid — they did it because they wanted to and it made them feel good. I find it deeply offensive that me sharing that video is a criminal act, while I can share videos of extreme violence, murder, and rape, and not face persecution.

Ah, theocracratic priorities… Violence, fear, and hatred are good, but pleasure is bad.

Super cool!!!

Check out the great shirts that Ryan printed for me for my brother's arm wrestling team. You may not know this, but as well as running BMEshop, he and Corrie also run a (not just) shirt screen printing company called We Print Good Shirts — so if you ever need shop shirts, or anything else that gets printed on fabric, let them know!

The artwork is hand drawn by me with markers. This much maligned Christian burner says that I may not be an artist because I draw piss-poor hands. And please, don't go looking up the anatomy in a textbook, because you won't find it looking like this.

This picture has been photoshopped

Thanks to a little help from Jon on the server end of things, I've had a chance to update UnderMars; click the picture below to jump to it now. I do need submissions, so please, if you or a friend has served in the military, I'd love it if you'd share your pictures with