Monthly Archives: March 2006

I love Brazilians (turn around)

Thanks to Julien for pointing out this street art capture that contains an original BME/boy poster — does BME have a street team that I didn't even know about in Sao Paolo? Super cool. Or maybe someone just ripped off the logo, I don't know…

I'm guessing Julien saw it because the Wooster Collective produces really awesome DJ mix podcasts (and Julien produces a great one over here if you don't already know it).

Other than that, I have to write some software today that lets us view galleries internally of rejected BME images (sometimes we make mistakes, so a double-checker tool is needed), put together a FedEx package of publishing materials, process some BME submissions, and apply for a few advertising contracts for IAM.

Advertising on IAM?

OK, not really… here's what I'm thinking: When your account expires (assuming you don't go the free-via-submissions route), you'll have the choice of paying the $0.05 a day or whatever it is, or you can view the site with ads instead… Then I'll never have to expire anyone's page for financial reasons, which breaks my heart to do. As of next week, the NAS should be in place so we'll again have space to grow and add new features.

Full back branding

I'll leave the story and pictures to Badur for another day, but I think that everything went relatively well this afternoon (hopefully I didn't irritate Blair and Badur with incessent blabbering too much). Getting branded in this style is pretty intense… Thanks also to Marty and Phil for their help.

I just did a little podcast interview as well about implants, but that won't air for about three weeks. I had to do it twice because of a technical glitch, so hopefully it turned out alright… It's really hard doing an interview twice if you think you gave good answers the first time around, because you do kind of a mix of half-assed self-quoting combined with not-entirely-relevant additions.

Oooh, I like!

Check out the new shirt that mspeich from Switzerland has been working on for BMEshop. It's not posted there yet (soon I hope), but if you want one and are an IAM member, feel free to post an opinion in the BMEshop forum (colors desired, and all that).

Other than that, I've got to rush off soon because Badur is getting a full back branding today, and then I have to head back here for a teleconference later today with Lane on one of our projects… Oh, and yesterday I met briefly with Roo (since he's moving to Canada and I really like his sense of style he might help me out with some BME things when he arrives). And I have to figure out how to get Jeannie to the airport so she can make it to her business meetings tomorrow…

And for the record, my Jeannie Bueller comment was a compliment. I don't just love that movie for its life lessons, I actually fetishize it. OK, it's true I made that up. Let's say instead I have fetishized making outlandish and largely false statements about myself and those around me.

Humor Corner

I got this email today from one of the many wonderful people who I feel very guilty about not having the time to reply to! This little story is from one of IAM's most interesting characters, MisterV, who writes,

I was hanging out with an unpierced friend when we saw a woman with a nose ring attached to an earring by a chain. My friend asked me, “Wouldn't the chain rip out every time she turned her head?” I explained that a person's nose and ear remain the same distance apart no matter which way the head is turned…

Is it any wonder it took artists many thousands of years to figure out the specifics of perspective?

Staff Shirts for 2005

I think I'm at a temporary high of having things that I'd like to write about but can't do so publicly for a variety of reasons (in quite a few spheres of activity). But anyway… This morning Jon's staff shirt made it here (still waiting for mine; probably because part of it is still on the presses), so I assume those of you waiting on the shirts will have them soon. Here's a quick shot (with Charlie Latour in the background magazine ad) of the Eva shirts:

I'm off now for some Ethiopian lunch I think, then I have to do some BMEfest work, some prepping of a project of Phil's, some software development, and if I still have the energy, some image processing for an update for tomorrow. Whew!