poznai sebia!

OK, about Systema, I've just got to say wow. It was incredibly fun, and the most brutal and effective martial art I've ever seen. We got lucky, while we were an hour late, we came the night of a seminar by Vladimir Vasiliev's school, Russian Martial Art (which teaches Ryabko's Systema), and got to take part. I think we may actually go up to the Thornhill school rather than staying downtown because the seminar was so good. Seriously though, the sheer effectiveness and science and versitility is wild.

I wanted to emphasize that there are people of all ages, all fitness levels, all genders, and all experience levels that come there. Anyone can go. Again, I would argue that there is no more all-purpose effective martial art. So please, don't be afraid to give it a go — drop me a message and come with us.

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