Monthly Archives: May 2006

We're out of here (soon)

Clive and I are off today to the Carlisle Show (we'll be there all of Saturday and maybe some of Sunday taking pictures), and then off to NYC for Sunday night and Monday. I'll have my computer with me, but if you need to reach me, voice is the best way. I probably won't post much until I get back… In some ways this trip is very fun, and in other ways it'll be very hard.

Oh, and thanks to Angela for doing an emergency business card delivery for me.

Painting and working

A couple entries back I posted pictures of the marker drawings that Nefarious had done. Today, between work and errands, I filled in the drawing with paint so I could hang it up in my room when it's dry. The original linework is all by her (except the left arm on the big monster), and it's painted by me. So basically I'm reduced to the level of a person doing paint-by-number on a coloring book designed by a three year old, ha. Oh, my sad but happy demise as an artist.

Anyway, tomorrow afternoon or evening Clive and I take off for the kit car show in Carlisle, PA (getting there for Saturday morning after a brief crash at a HoJo or something), and then on Sunday some time we'll head to NYC, and then back to Toronto on Monday night assuming we're not totally exhausted.

There will be a BME update today, but it's going to be today, tomorrow, and Friday's updates all wrapped up in one. Other than that, I believe we are having some problems with some of the image upload problems (best I can guess is it's an interface issue with the NAS); if you're having problems uploading to your ModTracker and so on, try uploading in smaller batches or with smaller files and see if that helps…

PS. See also Monster Engine!

Filipino Canadian Horror Film

Hey, check out my old roommate Romeo's new movie! It's “a modern age horror story from age-old Filipino folklore”. Anyway, he was super talented when we lived together in 1991 or 1992 or whenever it was (at university), so I can't wait to see how this has turned out:

Oh, and BME was of course updated last night.

Art Day!

I'm just waiting for Jon to get back (he went fishing on the Toronto Islands today) and then a bunch of us are headed out for a quick bite. I spent much of the day hanging out with Nefarious and doing art stuff (thanks to Saira for coming and helping in the morning). I'll start with showing you (again, with great embarassment), the stage I'm at right now with my current painting… I know, it's pretty childish and it keeps changing, but I'm a simple guy with simple ideas (I mean that as a self-compliment; simplicity is a good thing — I just happen to also live a very complicated life).

Edit: Oops, I just realized that picture is kind of dark and blurry, sorry.

As I point out all the time, it's still just at the undercoat level and I'm still figuring out exactly what it's going to be. But what I really wanted to share with you is Nefarious's canvases. She's drawn them all out in marker (well, I drew the left arm on the scary monster in the leftmost painting to show her how to illustrate “scary”, but the rest is all her). I think I'm going to finish them for her in paint.

I don't know anything about childhood development stages, but I think that's pretty amazing for a little girl who's only just turned three years old? Maybe all parents feel this way; super proud at everything? But come on, you have to admit that “Little Squirrel Being Scared By A Big Squirl” is pretty cool.

Anyway, I'll have an experience update for you later tonight some time, and depending on my weekend plans (Carlilse, PA, and then NYC; 90% business trip), I'll either do a big update tomorrow with both piercing and member stuff, or I'll post in the normal order… I hate being so last minute in my plans, but that's part of the reason I'm driving, not flying, on this one.

Hotels on Mars (the planet?)

As you know, I run Under Mars, a military photo site. Anyway, I just added advertising to it, and while usually the ads are very relevant (“Impeach Bush”, “Buy Body Armor”, “Iraqi Oil”, and so on), sometimes I get weird ones. Check this screencap out:

Hmmm. Compare hotel prices on Mars? I wasn't aware that Mars even had multiple hotels to choose from. The real punchline to me is that because it's kind of weird, it's probably going to generate clicks, which the company will be charged for — and the domain name (at least as far as I can tell) doesn't even exist, meaning they're being charged by Google for advertising that is totally useless? (Assuming the domain listed is genuine; I didn't want to risk my own ad account by clicking it). Even if it sends traffic to their main page, I can't imagine it being relevant…

Either way, it illustrates the problem with some of the bulk-buying of generic (and automatically customized) advertising from Google and other vendors. Not that I'm complaining, since I'm on the other end of the equation!

Edit: According to Badur (because like I said, one of the cardinal rules of Google is “don't click on your own ads”), these ads return info on hotels in Mars, PA, the Mars Hotel in Prague, and so on. Meh. Maybe I watch too much sci-fi, getting all excited about (non-existant, at least for now) hotels on other planets.