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BMEgirls update


Twwly by the mega-talented Scott Duncan

So as you probably know, I'm currently running a BMEgirl contest. I've gone from a single one, to a planned series of twelve, with one to be released per month along with a matching sticker pack. The first six winners will be announced (by name, not by drawing) Friday May 12th.

So if you want to be considered for the first six, please make sure you have your picture in to me by next Wednesday. Other than that, I'm also very strongly considering making this a leg sleeve for myself (since almost everyone involved is someone I consider a friend and a part of the BME family — and I don't have a BME tattoo yet). But that's something I have to check with all the women involved first as well.

Anyway, to be clear: you can still enter, send in as many pictures as you want, and if you want to be considered for the first six, get it in by Wednesday, and if not, you can still enter to be in set #2. If this works, I'll continue it indefinitely!

PS. Sorry for the temporary downtime earlier this morning.

Wow, the room is a bit spinny.

Oh my god, the devil (a very nice guy, but since Christians first imagined him, that's been the case) got me all tipsy over breakfast. Great morning, still have one more meeting with an old friend, and then I'm gonna go pass out on an airplane and annoy my co-passenngers with snoring!

I don't know if inviting hookers to join us was a good idea, but what the hell, it's a vacation.

     PS. I <3 NY

Quickie Update

OK, I just realized that other than the picture of the dude doing who knows what in the window, I've taken basically no pictures of NYC. Hell, for all you know, I might be holed up in a hotel in Montreal smoking pot and having sex with the hot dude in Webdreams (does that even air in the US?) who's escorting to pay off his wife's house renovations. But I'm not. Here's a couple photos I took today to prove my location; on the left is Central Park (that's about two minutes from my hotel), and on the right are the presents I'm bringing back for Nefarious (shhhh! don't email her and tell her). I got presents for Jon and Saira as well but I can't post them here because it would ruin the surprise!

Anyway, I think my plan for the rest of today is to give Kramer a call and see if he wants to hook up, finish watching The Hills Have Eyes, and then go over to see Evan and a guy who really wants you to and watch CONNECTIVE TISSUE at their place.

Hopefully tomorrow morning I'm going to have breakfast with the devil and I'm not sure what else… I don't have a plan yet really… Checkout at my hotel is at noon, and my flight is at six-something, so maybe I'll go hit an art gallery or something in the afternoon. Who knows! Either way, this has been a wonderful trip all around and I'm sure that whatever I do will be fun…

Note: I doubt I'll update ModBlog today — sorry!

Dude, close your curtains!

Today I went and saw Thank You For Not Smoking and if I'm guessing correctly, walked almost 30 miles today (about seven hours of walking around NYC), and had some good chirashi. On multiple recommendations we (sorry, old/bad picture) went and saw Thank You For Smoking this afternoon (very funny and highly recommended). Ended up getting soaked in the rain and delayed my plans for the later evening until tomorrow night, but all in all a really nice day.

Seeing so many old and dear friends has been exactly what I needed. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up presents to bring back to Canada for Jon and Nefarious, and then hopefully hook up with Evan in the evening to see his film. Anyway, I'm going to try and do a little work and then maybe watch The Hills Have Eyes on PPV. I haven't really been taking any pictures yet, but here's a random shot out my hotel window. I don't know what's going on, but I suspect it's lucky for him and me I didn't take the photo a few second later.

I didn't notice the “details” until after loading it into photoshop, I just wanted to include something.

Quick post

Wow, what a day! It sucked watching Zanta get taken down by the police in front of our house, but the flight was nice, I talked to tons of cool strangers, and I've got to admit it's wonderful being in New York after a week of high stress problem solving (I guess this is why Jon goes fishing).

Anyway, I'm going to try and quickly make a couple mini posts to various blogs, but after about an hour of walking around trying to find a place that is friendly to both people with latex allergies and vegetarians, we eventually sat down at a noodle house… I hope I don't forget anyone, but it was me, Sean, Shawn, Soozie, Joy, Bumble, Adam, Roger, and Blair. I really hope I didn't forget anyone, but I had a wonderful time and this was just what I needed.

Tomorrow I'm headed out for breakfast with Blair and Saraii convention is at the same time as the NYC tattoo convention, so that's good news too. I always like killing two birds with one stone. Other than that, I hope things are going well at APP (everyone say hi to Rachel if you see her).