Monthly Archives: May 2006

A drawing by Nefarious

Nefarious drew this just before turning three… Art I think is one of her talents because Jon and I both draw with her, and because she's seen painting, she understands the process of building up a drawing. I'm probably as silly as all proud parents, but I think this is really good for someone who'd not even hit three at the time.

It's a guy with a mohawk, messed up teeth, and funny boots.

I think from hanging out with almost totally adults, she has a really funny sense of humor (Jon and Rachel for example are both really sarcastic, and of course I'm just, well, weird)… Here's a conversation that took place while taking her out of her car seat.

Shannon: Hey, Saira, what should we get at the store?

Shannon: Oops, what should we get, Rachel?

Shannon: Oh boy, I'm always getting your name mixed up!
                 There must be something wrong with my brain.

Nefarious: Yeah, Jon, I'm Ari!
                      followed by cackling


Anyway, off to bed.