Monthly Archives: June 2006

Finished off that painting…

If I remember right it's a spider scaring a dog while a second spider steals his drink. As with the previous one I've posted, it's drawn by Nefarious and then I filled it in with paint.

(Click to view at full quality)

Another day, another doctor's appointment

I'm crazy tired from staying up too late last night (I blame NIX), but that's OK. Anyway, I'm off to my doctor's appointment in a few minutes, and we'll have a BME update and all that for you later in the day. Oh, and I fixed the image rendering bug (FireFox issue) for the pro system this morning too.

This painting is almost done, I just need to line it. If I have time, I'll do that today because I have another one I really want to start on. As if I have the time. Oh, and I want to build a human powered chainsaw… I've been drawing up all of these “post-peak oil” devices, imagining how we could rebuild the 18th century with modern technology but without modern power sources.

Shirt confirmations

There's a bug somewhere in the events engine so the shirt requests are not recording correctly… I'll do a broadcast about this also to everyone who's signed up, but if you want a shirt, which also guarantees access to the afterparty/mainparty (depending on the way you look at it), please message Ryan and tell him your size. They'll probably be $25 Canadian, which will go to cover the space rental costs, entertainment (organized by the great ORBAX), fireworks, and so on… Here's the front of the shirt, and on the back will be the list of performers, bands, event details, and all that…

Edit: As a point of trivia, the pentagram is 6.66″ across.

Oh yeah, and this is real. We wanted to make sure that the name wasn't misused, and I wanted to play with the system since so many people use it and try and build a cross-posting system like with WordPress (but their setup is so weird that I'm not sure it'll be possible).

This and that…

I just got back from seeing a few friends at NIX (the Toronto tattoo convention; thanks to Tampon for getting me in) including my old (online, now real world) friend ShawnChoo all the way from Singapore! My weekend plans have gone a little bit into chaos, but with any luck I should be there at least briefly on Sunday, and maybe Rachel as well, and hopefully Phil will be there too to take some photos for BME.

Geez, I hope I don't look that dorky in the photos they took on their cameras! Anyway, a nice big update is processing now, so I'll post that later this evening.

You know, it's funny, one of the things I hate about having memory issues is that it's really hard for people, even people who've known you for a really long time to take them seriously… I guess the general concept is hard to grasp — how can someone who is high functioning on all levels mentally have no memory of a majority of what happens to them? Anyone who's had memory problems knows how to commit something through timed repetition, changing procedural knowledge to compensate, designing one's life around “rules” and modularized action blocks. Oh, and getting better at cold reading for all the people you either don't remember, or think you remember but have never met, ha.

But anyway, what I wanted to say is that if you ever have a conversation with me (no matter if we're old friends, new friends, or strangers), there is only a chance that I will remember it or anything else that happened that day. It's not on purpose, it's not personal, and it's certainly not a put-on or deception… It simply doesn't get recorded. It sucks too because if you don't remember what happened, there are situations where you have to completely take someone else's word for it (often it's not the answer you want to hear), so it puts you under immense stress in terms of how much you have to trust other people… Well… I'm not sure where any of this was going so I'm going to finish off this update.

Both the power control unit and the new server for some of the live BME functions will be installed this weekend, and with any luck you'll start seeing some really cool stuff soon. Oh, and as well as the WordPress plugin I mentioned earlier, I finally fixed the redirect problem for non-logged in users.

I totally forgot to mention it!

I almost forgot to mention that Mike McQuade's (AKA beenthroughit)'s shirt is up in BMEshop. Proceeds from the shirt go to support his training, and as a point of trivia, it's the largest Team BME logo that we've ever printed! Click the picture to get one: