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Happy 6/6/6

I imagine we'll make it through yet another predicted apocalyptic date. That said, all bets are off for 2106, if that still counts as a 6/6/6. Either that'll be the day when we launch into the future and completely discard God as an archaic and forgotten idea because we've sorted our problems out, or it'll be clear that we've dug our own graves, are living in hell, and desperately fight over which false God is the true one. Either way, Satan wins (or at least the stereotypical concept thereof wins).

Google AdSense Pays Out!

To those of you who've been having trouble accessing BME and so on today, sorry — Cogent appears to have been (“have been” is an “I hope” statement) trouble with their routing in the Toronto area which of course is where we are. Anyway, in the good news department (well, for me anyway), I finally got my first cheque from Google. It's not much money and I haven't optimized Zentastic and the other sites with ads on them (basically everything except the BME-family of sites, because they're not permitted), but I still feel kind of a geeky thrill getting it…

Yeah, so it took me like four months to make $193, but it seems to go up a little bit every day, and I guess there's another one on the way. Woo woo! Hope people who clicked the ads and paid for the ads found it mutually beneficial.

…and now off to my doctor!


The day's been relatively productive in a relaxing sort of way. I've been so down (doctor tomorrow; I'm going to see if I can get him to risk another manic state because I feel at my best by far when I'm hypomanic) for the last little while that I'm just trying to focus on nice stuff… I finished off The Game (great ending to the book), did some work, programmed a little, wrote the proper specs for “the new BME” and some related projects, did an hour or so of yoga (which sucks a little when your knee looks like this), and cooked some lunch with the limited supplies we have here.

It's chopped garlic, lentils, onion, red pepper, and mushrooms on a bed of noodles done up in a sweet and spicy sauce (a mix of black bean sauce, brown rice syrup, and a lettle yellow thai chili). I think now I'm going to move on to doing some graphic design work and prepping things for ModBlog later this week to try and make the days less high-stress and time-constrained.

New gear at BMEshop

So when we redid the original Some Things Never Go Out Of Style shirts, instead of doing a (colored) black and white print, I redid the design as a tri-tone print (a series of browns) and we think it turned out really nicely (although it's hard to catch the subtlety of it on camera):

I gave Ryan a copy of my entire “shirts” working folder which contains both the final designs of most of what BME has printed, as well as rejected shirts and work prints — so I was surprised to see Warning! Pierced Parts! has also made it to press. Oh, and I got some new stickers for my laptop.

Oh, and those stickers are pretty cheap if you want to grab some, but I wouldn't advise getting them on their own because you'll pay a premium on shipping that's not worth it (just throw it in with your next order instead). I'm doing another run as well for studio memebers (become a verified pro and your shop will get a pack) and the people who had their pages damaged.


My afternoon

So I'm just about done The Game, and seriously, it's a life altering book in terms of people watching… Just starting The 48 Laws of Power as well and some other analogous books. When we were at the book store a girl kept making eye contact with me so I pulled her over to us and it was weird watching the dialog and body language and understanding how easy people are to control (and then do with as you please); they're like machines, just simple geneticly driven programs that if you really want to manipulate you can. Seriously, it's so bizarre seeing it in context.

(Note: I have no interest in being a PUA, I'm just fascinated by what makes people tick, and I think I need to write an article about peacocking being one of the primary driving forces behind body modification. So if you're a PUA that uses tattos or piercings as such, let me know so I can interview you either by name, alias, or anonymously if you prefer.)

Anyway, other than that we went and played a couple rounds of trivia at one of the Firkin pubs, went to HMV to pick up Metal – A Headbanger's Journey (and got recognized by the cashier which is always thrilling — narcissists are easy to please), and then bought some clothes (I think Saira got a dress and some pants, and I got a couple nice shirts and some boxers).

I think this looked funnier in person?

PS. Yes, if you use the links in this entry I get a kickback.