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I need my Porsche back!

Damn, check out Rachel's car! No wonder she recently won best of show at some Lotus meet… Next time you see this car it'll be doing 145 the speed limit, plastered in racing stickers. If you live on the route, watch out for her and Olivia in the Player's Run 2006… Two hot tattooed girls in a sexy car? I'm guessing this will get some magazine coverage as well! Anyway, wish them good luck!

I'm off now to eat, get some books on NLP, and maybe see a movie with Shadhi (sorry if I misspelled your name) and Saira… And maybe some finally get some new pants, but I don't know. Oh, and my old Porsche got pulled out of storage and with any luck got its safety and emissions check down today. Now I just have to scrounge together the cash (Jon and I need to put another server in the rack this week) to pay the transfer taxes on it (it's currently in a friend's company's name)!

Oh, and my Porsche has been “officially” clocked at 191mph (on a race track)… But the fasted I've had it up personally is 152mph (on the 400 for those that know Ontario highways). And for anyone that's driven fast, you know that 152mph is not really a big deal in a car like this, but at 191mph, life gets very scary…

At least it made it

Pete sent me a new toy to play with, and as you can see it had a little difficulty making it through Australian airports. That reminds me, at the end of next week Tom is doing, for the third time now, my uvula piercing. Marty is getting his done too, but we were thinking of making it silly and setting a record (“most uvulas pierced in one day”). Anyway, if you're interested, drop me or Tom a line.

"I was driven to have the uvula piercing because it reflected the mind. When you put a pair of forceps on a uvula, it feels like you've grabbed the center of the mass of the inside of your head — if you cough up a piece of rice and it sits in the back of your sinus passage, you understand that spot. Psychologically it feels like you're getting the center of your head pierced. That is so live, so real, and the risk inherant only added to the psychological imperative, and I was just driven to have it. Again, not a rational action, but that's not the point."

Another day, another update


Thanks to Zolish (who also took the picture in the previous entry) for the shot of Muffe's armpit tattoo (see it in detail here — along with tons of other new posts at ModBlog). Anyway, the image update (with around 2,500 pictures added) is posted; enjoy! Thanks to everyone who helped out on it!

I just tried to download my phone pictures, but the ones I took yesterday weren't there for some reason! You may recall the Dial 138 (why 138?) cab sign I saw the other day… yesterday here in Toronto I saw two cabs with official numbers (like the ones the city assigns them) on them — first 666 and the second one 1337. But either I accidentally deleted the pictures or they never recorded.

I did do a little bit of painting at least!

On the left is the giant painting I've been working away at for the last, what, two or three months? It's my white whale… I'm also working on filling in another one of Nefarious's drawings. I don't remember if I posted it earlier but it's a spider scaring a dog, while another spider (the one up in the tree) is stealing something from the dog. As I've said before, I'm not really much of an artist (anyone could do this), but I really enjoy working with thick paint.

And holy shit! As I wrote the word “spider”, a spider literally dropped out of the sky (well, ceiling) and onto my hand and went running up my computer screen. I wasn't sure if I should be freaked out, or enjoy megalomania and decide it's proof of my unlikely omnipotence (a la Unbreakable).

Anyway, I'm going to read for a bit and go to bed.

Earth Coincidence Control Centre, I love you for continuing to treat me well.

12 straight hours of beer chugging

Wow, what's with all the non-posting… I feel like I bounce between monstrous amounts of output and very little. Anyway, so Blair comes by yesterday because we were going to try and record a few hours of text for his book (then basically converting interview to normal prose), so at around two in the afternoon, he, I, and Marty sat down for a pitcher and some snacks. Well, the pitchers kept coming, and while I think the camera did get turned on at some point, I don't think anything got recorded. Phil joined us at I think around 4:30 when he'd wrapped up work for the day.

We stayed there until I think about six o'clock (with a pitcher always full). Then we walked across the street to the bar in Phil's building, and continued the process… I think Jon, much bigger Jon, CJ, Kelly, Tom, and maybe other people showed up as well? We stayed until last call (I think that means 2AM?), so it brought back memories of the old BBQ days where I'd drink a two-four and then fall off the roof of my truck — or worse yet, drinking a bottle of vodka as a teenager and going gravelsurfing. For those of you who aren't hillbillies, that's when you either hold onto a rope tied to the bumper of a car or just the bumper, and go tearing down gravel roads… It's kind of like waterskiing for people who are afraid of the water but otherwise have no problem with fear (to be clear: I love waterskiing and gravelsurfing).

Anyway, I see CJ woke up with a smashed up face with no recollection of how it happened, and I wiped out on a bunch of oil. Honestly! Not a drunken wipeout! Although maybe that would have been better because I think I kind of slid along this oil patch on my knees, and got one of those really light scrapes that takes for ever to heal (and I imagine the oil — which was intensely painful to wash off with eucalyptus soap — didn't help). And Blair, well, he had a close encounter with death (seriously, it's a small miracle he's alive) that he said I can't repeat here or no one will ever drink with him again.

Tattoexpo Gothenburg photo by Zolish
(Also check out her traditional Samoan tatau and serial number tattoo)

Oh, and they occasionally asked us to leave (“You can't stay here if your friend is sleeping!” — I guess that's the polite way of saying “if your passed out buddy pisses on our couch, we're calling the cops”), but I think we were at the point where it would have taken physical force or at least muzak* to remove us because we pretty much ignored everything other than “can I get you another pitcher?”

But seriously, as fun as yesterday was I think it actually signals a self medication problem. I have my next doctor's appointment on Monday. I missed one because I got the dates mixed up so it's been a while and I'm basically on a very low level drug to control seizures and help me sleep. I don't feel suicidally depressed like I did in the past, but I definitely feel down and feel like I might be controllling it “unofficially” in ways that while a lot of fun, are not neccessarily productive. I felt really good for the brief period I was on SSRIs, but I guess I was getting a little “too happy” so that got cut.

Anyway, I'm just finishing off a big update (including the piercing one from last night that was postponed) so that'll be up later. And I have a lot of water to drink today to get re-hydrated because right now my brain feels two sizes two small and is rattling around the inside of my skull, earning one concussive impact after another. “I'll never drink again”… Yeah right.

* “Give 'em the Muzak” — that reminds me, I have to write an entry on Suburbia (the old punk movie) because it was a very early to DIY branding in pop culture… If anyone has the movie and can do some screencaps/rips of the various “TR” brands and other BME-relevant stuff, and isn't already an editor, drop me a line.