NATA2? Look in a mirror.

So I keep seeing projects that people are doing, and talking about ones I want to do (I have robots, monster trucks, exotic cars, toys, weapons, various inventions, and so much more to build) that I need a good workshop space for all my dreams to come through… As I mentioned before, I have plans for an earthship (we had a local eco-architect help us) that I'd like to realize, although with a few changes like a large buried (for aesthetic reasons) workshop.

I'm not sure yet where I'm looking for land, because right now I'm in a period of heavy development that requires semi-regular physical access to the server room… But at the same time, my new code should reduce the need for constant high-speed home access by moving much of my current admin stuff from my home/office machines to the actual server room. Anyway, add a forest and a lake, and this picture gives you a vague idea of what I'm talking about:

And I'd really like to be able to teach Nefarious the basics of machineshop work (maybe she can get her gunsmithing license), electronics, mechanics, and so on while she's still a kid and can more easily absorb that sort of information. I think my brain pretty much stopped improving when I was fourteen or fifteen (not that experience isn't a factor, but I think for initial learning, the younger the better). I'd love to have a space to build an airplane with her for example.

I was talking to my father a while back and he disagreed with my self-diagnosis of hypomania… He suggests that my brother (who's a professional athlete among other accomplishments), I, he, my sister, and most of that end of the family are simple adrelalin junkies. I don't know about that, but according to Jon every time I pull out of the driveway he hears me laying rubber both when I start and when I drop into second (and by that time I'm doing almost a hundred and out of ear shot). So maybe.

Anyway, I've been tossing around ideas today about what to do with my 996… I think I'm going to stick with the “satanmobile” theme (matt black on black with red highlights, logo replacement with pentagrams, black and red interior, and so on.

Speaking of adrenalin, I've got a fight to watch… Another UFC bout is on tonight, and it's a good one.

But yeah, to summarize the story of my life: too many dreams.

Better than too few!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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