A break from programming

I'm just writing some database parsing functions right now (in this case for the dual rewrite of BME that's happening right now) but earlier today I took a break to work on a really quick-n-simple still life painting (mushroom soup and stuff)… All of the technical problems from yesterday should be resolved now, so there will be an experience update today and we'll probably do a double update tomorrow with both today and yesterday's images, as well as probably another page of videos.

I feel like my life is really full right now — sorry to anyone I have an ongoing conversation with that has occasional mega-gaps in it because of that. I guess it feels so full because not only do I have father, boss, and worker bee stuff that pretty much consumes the day, but every possible crack gets filled up with something, be it painting, building, playing with remote control cars (which I'm actually doing for work reasons, but that's another story), whatever, so there's rarely a dull moment.

That said, at the same time, I feel like I'm not doing enough. I know that I'm getting a lot done, but I'm not sure that all of it can have great stories told about it, and as I've written here before, I believe that one of the goals of life should be the ability to tell great stories about it. Ah, the philosophy of the Dudesons.

Meh. One day in the future, hopefully not too long, I'll be able to get the earthship built, have a big garden, a big workshop, and lots of land to play on… And maybe someone special to make this compound of invention, construction, and art a little less lonely.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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