Pipe Dream Vehicles

So I'm getting obsessed with thinking about this fullsize sportscar snowmobile and keep doodling different designs for the way the treads, suspension, steering, throttle, breaks, driveline…

For the tread and suspension system, the treads have internal suspension (and their own mini-chassis) allowing them to change their shape, and a primary long travel suspension system that joins this mini-chassis to the main chassis. The steering and throttle are dual lever rather than steering wheel. How far forward a lever is pushed determines the throttle and speed of that set of treads, and the differential between the two levers controls the steering, with the brakes being controlled by left and right pedals. The driveline is a pair of air cooled VW engines turned ninety degrees (so they're standing on it's edge and are quite narrow) on automatic transmissions.

I think it would be pretty fun, sort of like a sand rail built for snow, with crazy amounts of power and pretty good manuverability (kind of a split between a snowmobile and a tank system, plus in the snow the hulled skis could be swapped for tires. There's nothing in it that's particularly exotic (more just “weird”) so it's probably not that hard to put together. I wonder if there would be a market for them…

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