Monthly Archives: July 2006

Playing in the rain

All kids love puddles, right? Nefarious hates raindrops hitting her, but if she's got her umbrella and rubber boots she sure likes stomping around in the water.

Anyway… Updates later today, and right now I'm going to see if I can find myself a good high-res laser scanning (as in 3d mesh) company that can handle something both the size of a car for one project (nothing to do with the entry below), and something the size of a bowling ball for another project.

(If anyone has any advice/experience on companies in the Toronto and Ottawa area, let me know).

I wonder if I should…

So I keep thinking about all the different nutty things I could do to the Porsche this upcoming winter… The picture below (which should flip every two seconds) is some minor bodywork, and then a nine degree rake on the front windshield (so basically the roof gets sectioned, the pillars are cut, it's tilted back nine degrees, the side windows are replaced with lexan, and the lines of the car are filled back in). I don't know yet whether it would ruin the look of the car or not. It's pretty hard to tell from this side-view mockup, but I have the feeling it would make the car look freakishly exotic…

I've seen this done before to Fieros but never on a Porsche.

I have to admit that I really want to go to a toy store right now and buy myself a plastic 996 model that I can cut apart and see how this looks from all angles. I don't know if there's a certain Porsche “essence” that might be lost by changing the lines so much?

Oh yeah, and Jon and I are doing a little rewiring of the house today to fix one of the many shortcomings this mass-produced townhouse has. I hope my landlord doesn't read this blog (just kidding, I'm not doing any real damage, honest — just want to do a little re-wiring so as to make this temporarily stalled radio re-launch easier). Other than that, picking up some new computers tomorrow…

That can't be healthy.

The one on the right. Four layers of beef. Four layers of cheese. A thick layer of bacon. And I thought the world was headed toward health consciousness… Well, I suppose at least this is going to make Supersize Me II a whole lot funnier. Heh. Crazy.


Monster party in a cave. Drawn at full size by Nefarious (just about three when she drew this) and filled in (no real editing) by me in acrylics with textured and gloss mediums. This isn't my favorite of the series because the characters sort of “float” in front of the background rather than interacting with it but I think it's turned out nicely. I might fine tune it a little still.

Other recent paintings done with Nefarious: Thieving Spiders, Scary Squirrel
Recent paintings done for Nefarious: Reptiles, Penguins

I have a few other paintings I've done recently, but those are my favorites. I have a couple of white whales on the go, but I think next I'm going to work on a big portrait piece in a different style, I feel like I'm getting a little burned out on this style and want to build some better tools for applying the paint gels (I'm thinking of using modded syringes probably, and then doing post-application manipulation) to make the process work better.

NATA2? Look in a mirror.

So I keep seeing projects that people are doing, and talking about ones I want to do (I have robots, monster trucks, exotic cars, toys, weapons, various inventions, and so much more to build) that I need a good workshop space for all my dreams to come through… As I mentioned before, I have plans for an earthship (we had a local eco-architect help us) that I'd like to realize, although with a few changes like a large buried (for aesthetic reasons) workshop.

I'm not sure yet where I'm looking for land, because right now I'm in a period of heavy development that requires semi-regular physical access to the server room… But at the same time, my new code should reduce the need for constant high-speed home access by moving much of my current admin stuff from my home/office machines to the actual server room. Anyway, add a forest and a lake, and this picture gives you a vague idea of what I'm talking about:

And I'd really like to be able to teach Nefarious the basics of machineshop work (maybe she can get her gunsmithing license), electronics, mechanics, and so on while she's still a kid and can more easily absorb that sort of information. I think my brain pretty much stopped improving when I was fourteen or fifteen (not that experience isn't a factor, but I think for initial learning, the younger the better). I'd love to have a space to build an airplane with her for example.

I was talking to my father a while back and he disagreed with my self-diagnosis of hypomania… He suggests that my brother (who's a professional athlete among other accomplishments), I, he, my sister, and most of that end of the family are simple adrelalin junkies. I don't know about that, but according to Jon every time I pull out of the driveway he hears me laying rubber both when I start and when I drop into second (and by that time I'm doing almost a hundred and out of ear shot). So maybe.

Anyway, I've been tossing around ideas today about what to do with my 996… I think I'm going to stick with the “satanmobile” theme (matt black on black with red highlights, logo replacement with pentagrams, black and red interior, and so on.

Speaking of adrenalin, I've got a fight to watch… Another UFC bout is on tonight, and it's a good one.

But yeah, to summarize the story of my life: too many dreams.

Better than too few!