I think this wouldn't be hard to build

Let's see… ModBlog got linked by bb and a myriad of other sites today. It's always interesting how violent and angry outside traffic is (check out the comments). It's strange to me too, because people respond like this even if the traffic comes from sites that are politically left leaning, support gay marriage, marijuana rights, privacy and expression rights and so on. It makes you realize that the reason that the West really is “the great oppressor” is because most people need to be oppressed and watch others be oppressed in turn. It's kind of vile.

Anyway… After many drawings and doodles, here's the toy I think I want to build this winter (although I won't be surprised if that notion changes by tomorrow). It would be a prototype for a more aggressive version. This would be more to test the technology. It's pretty simple — a large snomobile-style belt tensioned over an bracket that mounts to the rear wheel, and that would be able to rotate, buffered by a long travel shock to articulate it (and the rear wheel would have its normal setup). The front wheel would be a narrow sand tire with a ski riding around it (so you can use either; a lot like snow gear for light planes). There are similar kits for motorcycles so I know the idea is fundamentally solid.

I think it would be tons of fun in sand and snow, especially for hillclimbing and general messing around… And if you integrated right/left brakes (so you could swing the front end around in the right weather conditions almost like a tank can spin in spot), you'd far outhandle a snowmobile I think.

Yes, I probably spend too much time getting excited by the Howe Twins (if the vehicle in this entry was interesting to you, check out the insane videos of their “Ripsaw” creation).

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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