Monthly Archives: August 2006

Gotta love city living.

Stuck up around our neighborhood:

Oh, Veronica, the Argentinian whore.

Definitely cross-eyed

I have been staring at numbers and letters and doing mind-numbing computer assisted sorting of hundreds of thousands of records. I can actually feel my eyes vibrating (I assume they're muscle tremors or microseizures), and I have a weird sort of double vision. I don't think it's a drug side-effect, ha. Maybe I need to get some kind of large print old man monitor or something… So I think I'm going to bed without posting the experience update until tomorrow.

You can click that if you want to zoom in.

Or you can stare with bewilderment at the comments about Scarlett Johansson's septum piercing (which is old news anyway)… Sometimes I feel guilty when I use the term 'plainskin' in a derogatory manner, but maybe this would be an appropriate time (oh, and to be clear: the comments in that forum are the ones that the site deemed were not derogatory — the bad ones were deleted they claim). I don't know, maybe there's some kind of politeness or common decency bubble that surrounds (at least mostly) IAM and the friends I talk to here, but I'm just not used to seeing people behave like that.

It was a farm! I was lonely!

Time to unwind

I got a juicer. It's pretty awesome. I've been drinking huge amounts of fruit. In fact, I've completely replaced those stupid energy drinks with them because it's so much better tasting — and energizing! I've written about three thousand lines of string parsing code over the last few days… Most of it is pretty mind-numbing and tedius (and confusing because it handles soooo much data), and I can't begin to express what a pain in the ass it is to have to grep through mountains of US government data with constantly changing (with no apparent rhyme or reason) character sets.

Meh. Why am I working today? It's a holiday here (in Canada) today. My boss is an asshole for making me work today, seriously. Oh wait, I'm self employed. BME update tomorrow, but I'll probably do at least a small ModBlog post set later.

Israel you say?

I'm watching the President of Iran on 60 Minutes right now. It's quite interesting. I also got a neat message today from a friend that had a dream with me in it. This is just part of the message:

I sat down by you and you said, "Have you seen ****?" I told you nobody was there and you said the Fest was happening, as if I were silly for not noticing. I thought you must be loosing it so I tried to change the subject and said, "If you had hair it would be blowing dramatically."

You said, "Watch my ears blow instead," and smiled.

It's interesting because the name that I've censored is not a common one, nor is it a person known to the person who had the dream. They are however a person who may be going to prison soon. Huh. And I really like the finalé too.

Another old friend sent me this message that I got a kick out of:

I was on Livejournal in one of the Livejournal Icon communities where users just make icons for others to use, and a user named rainbow_booger had made about 30 icons from Clerks 2, and they happened to make this icon!

So I thought that was kind of funny. Mufkin jokingly suggests this be the default LJ icon for BME members… Anyway, back to seeing if the Apocolypse is coming on August 22nd or not.