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Culture Jamming In Toronto

This billboard is just down the street from my house (the billboard is just over a block north of Bloor and Dundas West in Toronto). The advertisement on the left (which had a picture of Bush) was originally an ad for an audiobooks company, and the one on the right was one of those “I'm loving it” McDonalds ads. Anyway, here's the billboard liberation front-esque replacement: Isn't Kanye an A-Rab name?.

PS. George Bush doesn't care about black people [WMV]

Long day!

Many hours of driving, and I think about $70 dollars of today's ultra-expensive gas later ($5/gallon today in Toronto for the good gas), and I'm back home (and a little sore in the legs)… I love getting out of the city. I don't know if I like the way the County I grew up in is continuing to gentrify though — half the stores are antique shops for rich people who want to buy a pre-fab mansion in the country and pretend it's a farmhouse. Maybe they can even pay some farmer to park his tractor on their lawn. Oh wait, no, they wouldn't want to hurt their manicured lawn.

Anyway… I was going to scout out MLS for properties tonight but it's getting late and I want to stick with my sleeping schedule because I've been feeling better as time goes by on it. So let me quickly post a few pictures from today's death-anniversary trip and then get to bed.

Looking north along Point Petre.

…and south as well (that's Saira who always comes along; I think we're the only two friends of the twins that go out there almost every year).

Getting the car to the water was insane because the roads had deep (foot+) ruts, drop offs, and big rocks… and my car is lowered! So there was a lot of “one wheel on the centre hump, one on the side of the road” type driving.

I took this same picture years ago with my Aztec 7, and with many of my other cars as well. It's one of my places to take cars to photo them I guess.

South view again.

Sitting on the water… I wish I could spend every day on water like this. I will soon enough I'm sure.

Water rolling off the limestone steps.

Splash-pools of water among the rocks. We did a little climbing and exploring too. Hope my theory that I'm not allergic to poison ivy is correct.

Parked at Little Bluff. This was quite a drive as well, over a deeply pitted gravel road, and then a very well maintained forest path.

I think this house is haunted but I'd love to use it as a movie set one day. I kind of want to have BMEFEST 2008 (not 2007; that one's planned already) be a week long movie shoot.

Sitting on the roots of a big oak tree cantilevered out over a cliff, looking at the water and the beach and the marsh and forest behind it. Is there a nicer place to relax?

This is after I realized the road we were on was so messed up with potholes that the only way we'd get through without bottoming out in a hole was to hit them at about sixty so we'd just “fly” over them. On the whole it worked…

When my car was being put into storage a couple years ago (I was going to sell it when I moved to Hawaii), the mechanic was both amused and I think a little irritated at just how much grass was inside it. I've offroaded it quite a lot over the years.

Well, I have a big chunk of BME stuff to post in the morning. See you then!

Today, today

Sorry I haven't been online much the last few days — I'm going geolocation crazy (and having fun — just because I usually write my own DB drivers so this is new territory — fighting with a MySQL interface for it)! The entry below has been updated with a much improved database for those that are interested. I also printed all the labels for the studio stickers and the “you killed my IAM page” stickers. I'll do the account extensions tomorrow. BME was updated as well…

I might still post a couple things to ModBlog tonight, but this “early to bed” thing is working well for me so I'm trying to keep it up. Oh, and since a few people have asked me for a larger resolution and clearer print of the heart tattoo (yes, you have my permission to use it and modifiy it for personal tattoos, but not for anything else without specific permission), here you go:

It's just cheapo black and white to make it easiest for an artist to work from.

Good advice

Haha, an old friend sent me a message telling me I needed a kick in the ass and snap out of it. Yeah, you know what — he's totally right. Honestly, it sounds glib, but I actually know the solution to all my problems — exercise. All I have to do is get myself working out regularly and I can almost guarantee that my sleep would improve, which would then cascade out and help with everything else.

I just have to stop being so lazy! (Or at least selectively lazy).

I can't wait for winter!

Heroin prescriptions???

Google paid me again. It's less this time because they made me take the ads off Under Mars and I haven't had time to really keep Price Of His Toys up to date. But I'm not complaining — $191.64 is always nice to get in the mail… I just wish they weren't so heavy handed with their censorship of sites that push the borders of what's polite to talk about a little.

On my way to the bank [machine] I stopped and had a pear juice with Blair. He's thinking about doing some cute little scarification miniatures, like little houses, trees, flowers, and stuff like that. If you're interested, contact him via (website by bathory).

At the doctor's office I learned that heroin is a great pain killer. I had no idea that it's actually legal to prescribe in Canada to terminally ill patients (although unlike parts of Europe, it's very rarely done here). So yeah, smoke some heroin if you're worried your tattoo is gonna hurt I guess.

Because of the sleep issues, I got a funny prescription;

Dr: We could try you on this anti-depressant…
Me: OK?
Dr: It's a terrible anti-depressant and doesn't work very well.
Me: Um, alright…?
Dr: But it will help you sleep.

So we'll see how that goes. Apparently one of the (rare) side effects is retrograde ejaculation (oh, and libido increase to match). So I apologize to all the imaginary groupies if my monster facials are not quite so apparently monstrous, ha. What a funny side effect. Seriously though, my only worry about it is that it can also cause complex partial seizures, which I already have very regularly.

When I went to the drugstore to pick it up, their blood pressure machine was broken (it took a couple tries to get a response at all), so I don't think these numbers are accurate. I wouldn't call them “great” or even particularly good, but at least it seems my physical health as measured by these two characteristics is within the norms.

Other than that… It's supposed to be a thunderstorm tomorrow. I sure hope it is. If it is, I'm going to go to the park and walk down to the lake in the rain. The only thing I like about heat is when it rains, nothing beats a walk in hot rain. Although to be honest I'm also perfectly happy to walk in cold rain. I think I'd be happy if it rained every day. Hell, I'd be happy if I could just live under the ocean.

Gotta get me some giils.

I'm looking forward to Thursday. Saira and I are going out to Prince Edward County to visit where Todd and Scott drowned. Next year will be the tenth anniversary of their death. We try and go out there every year (I think we're hitting about 50%, I guess we are bad friends to our ghostly buddies) and go swimming where they drowned. I recall once someone saying something about learning from other people's mistakes, but I'm not a good listener…