Monthly Archives: August 2006

New stickers, BME update

Look what came in the mail today:

The stickers on the right are going out to people who had their IAM pages damaged (well, those who told me their address anyway). The stickers on the left, at least for now are available only to studios — but don't worry, all you have to do if you want some is have them sent to your favorite artist! Please use the following email link to request them:

This offer is offline for now but will be back soon!


I've also posted an update to BME. It's mostly an experience update — thank you to the writers and review team (which reminds me, I also fixed a Firefox cookie tracking issue on that site) — but there are also new pictures in the ritual, scarification, and culture galleries (I imagine next week's update there might be big with the 6th annual So. Cal BBQ and the Great Lakes BBQ both happening).

Let's see what else… Over the next couple of days you may see images breaking across IAM because I'm working on a fix for the crash issue. The good news is though that once I've done that we should be rock solid with tons of CPU and bandwidth to play with, so I'll finally have a chance to make the messaging and forum functions here able to output an RSS feed for you.

Oh, and thanks to Bellboy for the cover (it's his arm).

I love weird kit cars!

So I hadn't been able to find the time to update it for the last month, but I finally had a chance to update my kitcar site again, and for those of you into the subject there are some interesting ones this update (body modification, car modification; there is at least a metaphorical relationship). Oh yeah, and within about two weeks I should finally have my motorcycle license. My father said I could ride his Harley, and I've got my big trike of course too.

I've been thinking a lot about selling my Porsche and buying an old classic military bike with a sidecar. Hell, even just building a simple rat bike would be nice. It would be a lot cheaper to drive and maintain, just as fun, and really, could do 90% of the tasks that I do in the car anyway… Plus then I'd have space to put an isolation tank in the garage. Well, back to watching Dawn of the Dead and programming!

Hugo Chavez

Oh snap!

(This was recorded in April by the way. No invasion yet.)

Feeling a little better

So to update you on my sleep, this pill I think makes me feel a little more anxious during the day (which I imagine is temporary), but last night I slept from about ten until two, and then on and off until seven. Today I slept from about nine-thirty until four AM, and then on and off until seven. I feel a lot “sharper” mentally that I have for the last week, that's for sure. I've re-cut out caffeine, taurine, and other stimulants as well and am trying to generally ween myself off these things completely (which is also what my doctor wants to do, since he's not really a fan of solving problems with pills either).

Of course, I did also excercise a little yesterday so maybe it's that.

Anyway, I'm going to go do a couple quick things like post the sticker info below on ModBlog and get all the computers ready for Phil, then make a mix CD or two to listen to in the car.

That picture was taken about where we're headed. I haven't been in a couple years so I think I'll print out a map just to be safe and mark my favorite beaches on it so I don't get lost!

Other than that, here are a few quick links:

I think they're all stolen from boingboing.