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So as I'm driving home this morning, I'm stopped behind a cab (the left car in the picture below), which was stopped next to the station wagon (on the right). A rather large woman flagged the cab and walked over to get in. I could already see she wasn't going to fit, and the guy in the station wagon was watching her nervously as she squeezed between the cars. She opened the door hard, right into him (denting or chipping his door) and he glared at her shaking his head angrily as the cab took off… It was pretty funny.

Other than that, I should hear back from the printer today and find out whether a ModCon reprint is an option or not (I still want to do a low res free release of the book as a download — my singular goal here is to make sure as many people have access to the book in whatever form they want as possible), and I'm transferring all of my interviews from the main BME computer (which is always in use) to my laptop so I can actually start prepping them in final form for the new book.


So there was a giant fire last night or this morning just up the street from me. I didn't know about it until I drove past it and snapped this looky-loo picture out the car window. They'd blocked off tons of streets and there were fire engines and police everywhere.

I am very worried about the way that Canada has been doing its logging over the last while. We've been doing some very disturbing large scale clear-cutting, and “thinning”. I'm not sure which is worse, but both of them leave a forest that is hugely more flammable than an old-growth forest (which burns slowly — slowly enough that animals just walk away from it — rarely kills the larger trees, and usually burns less than a hundred acres).

If global warming is real (and who knows, it's also possible that we snap back into an ice age after a brief warmup), and the temperature in Canada climbs just a few degrees on average, and we're going to see this country burn to the ground border to border. Sheesh, I've been writing about the apocalypse too much… I think I need to focus on editing interviews instead.

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Should I release the ModCon book free?

So as you may know, the ModCon book was originally printed in a small run of 2,500 copies and is completely sold out. Used copies go for up to $200! Now, I could reprint it I suppose, put it up for sale, and make some easy money, but honestly, I'd rather spend my publishing efforts on the new book and I don't tend to make my decisions based on their financial value. That said, there's still a lot of interest in this old book and I think it should be available to more readers.

I'm thinking about releasing it either as a free (or low-charge download or CD-based file on BMEshop) PDF file, or even posting a page a day to ModBlog or something. However, before I do that, I'd appreciate some feedback from people both (because it will get bulk linked I am guessing, sometimes from quite non-friendly sites) in the book and people who own copies of the book (would you feel “ripped off” if I put it up for free?).

My primary goal with this book (and project in general) was never to make money (I'm pretty sure I lost significant money). My goal was simply to have some fun, and put a bunch of information out to help the world understand “us”. So from my point of view, I'd like to release it free so the whole world can read it. But what do you think? Good idea or bad idea?

EDIT: I just talked to the original printer of the book, and they think they may have the films in their archives still… If they do, I can print the book super cheap and will re-issue it in a hardcover so it's a bit more durable.

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Well, I finally got around to washing my recertified Porsche (it got totalled by a previous owner and rebuilt for the track if you're wondering how I could afford it; it's actually one of the cheaper cars I've owned even though it's the second fastest)… I don't really care what it looks like but it was getting very dirty. I think I'm going to paint it in a week or two but I'm not sure how. Maybe a green camo. I don't know. Mostly I want it to be unique and make kids laugh.

Oh, the kids laughing comment reminds me of a story. When I was at Nefarious's “welcome back to school BBQ” last week (or maybe it was the week before), I watched one kid that was sort of a bully. He'd basically walk around pushing and punching kids, and his parents weren't able to control him at all. He walks up to me, and here's how it went:

Kid: “Your tattoos are really ugly!”

Me: “Thank you.”

Kid: “Show me your ugliest tattoo.”

(I pull up my sleeve and show him the tattoo of Manhog holding is head, and the rest of the Jim Woodring sleeve)

Me: “This is Manhog. He's half pig and half person, and this little guy [pointing at Frank] hit him over the head with an oar, so he's holding onto his head where it hurts.”

I told him stories about the other tattoos, and his mood completely changed and he became engaged in what we were talking about and was attentive, polite, and happy. After that conversation I didn't see him act out for at least half an hour (if at all)… I think that a number of the kids at that school are really angry — and what's interesting is that it seems to be the ones that are picked up and dropped off every day by their nannies rather than their parents.

I figure kids just want to be taken seriously, respected, and communicated with like adults…

Other than that, I've had three gig of memory cards break in the last week or two. I want to get myself a new camera for my birthday because I've really been enjoying taking photos lately but I think I am going to save the money and use it to winterize the truck a little more (and I'm hoping I can just borrow Rachel's nice camera for the short term).

Well, back to work, and then I'm off to King of Fools to drop off a power supply for my rotary machine for Ronin to play with, and maybe make a couple appointments. And of course later today, Survivor! I don't care what the news says about this being a bad season, I think it's brilliant.

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I think this is giving me a headache

If you want something nice to read, check out this article on tattooing in 1885 instead.

Not having done so for a long time, watching CNN and other American news is very upsetting. I can't believe some of the ridiculous junk that gets aired… Outside of some insane racism and cultural ignorance (and ignorance in general), the instant writing off Chavez and Ahmadinejad as “stupid” blows me away. Saying that we shouldn't listen to anyone who would “insult the President” (Iran and Venezuela both gave examples of US funding of terrorism, and Chavez called Bush “the Devil”), as a blanket rule is ridiculous. Instead of actually talking about what was being said (which was largely facts that people in the West don't like hearing, as well as a constant message that what's desperately needed is world peace and democracy), they focused on distractions like what he was wearing. Here's a quote from the news:

“He didn't even have enough class to show up wearing a necktie. We're in New York, we have neckties here.”

What they don't seem to understand is that the reason he doesn't wear an expensive suit is that he believes that decadence and wasteful spending (which ultimately causes world resources to be consumed unequally) are wrong, and part of the world's problem. Complaining that he doesn't look wealthy enough to be worth listening to is vile, and underscores the truth of the complaints these nations are raising. Sheesh, I wish more politicians would worry more about their politics than how much their suit cost.

And all of this crap about Chavez making a mistake in raising his complaints with US policy (among other things, that the US sponsors terrorist groups in Venezuela and across Central and South America — and what was fucked up, was that if you speak Spanish and watched the speech, you'll note that the translator “edited” Chavez's speech removing and softening those references) because “now the US won't buy oil from him”… Give me a break. The US desperately needs his oil and will continue handing him money. It's laughable. There are plenty of countries happy to buy oil from Venezuela… If anything, the US should worry that Venezuela and the other oil producing countries may embargo the United States in favor of the European and Asian markets — which have more money to spend anyway. Ask yourself seriously what will happen to the United States without oil — and what if China starts calling in its debts?

And the interviews with Bush are bizarre… Outside of the strange, nonsensical rambling answers full of either lies or ignorance, it blows me away that still there has been no serious internal media grilling of these policies and statements, even when they're boldfaced falsehoods.I can't tell if Bush and his little cabal have simply lost their minds at this point, because I can't see that any of these actions will turn out well for even special interests inside America.

At this point Bush and many others have reduced the US economy and US military to such a shadow of what it once was that the US can't launch meaningful military attacks on even half-assed collapsed nations, let alone powerful nations. I find it very disturbing watching US politicians calling for invasions of Iran, given that Iran's ground forces seriously outgun the US military… Short of using a massive barrage of nuclear strikes, there isn't a country on the planet at this point that the US can effectively control. And now threats against other nuclear nations like Pakistan? It's nuts.

I really wonder if over the next five years we will watch the collapse of the United States. The world will certainly get very unpleasant if that comes to be, and a lot of people will die as the US starts lobbing its nukes in a desperate last ditch effort to retain control over the world's resources which have already almost entirely slipped from her fingers…

It's crazy. I can't understand it.

I think if I watched FOX I'd probably have shot my TV by now. Actually, if I watched FOX all the time, I'd probably believe this junk too.

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