Truck Update

The slow buildup on the $800 Cherokee beater that I got earlier this year is coming along nicely… I have to do a little touchup on the paint (flat black with a matte clearcoat over top) and trimwork, and the winch (8000lb) didn't come in today so I'll install that on Thursday… But it's coming along very nicely I think.

Other than that I got offered a very tempting TJ monster truck… Really amazing potential with twin Dana 60's, a brand new solid V8 on a heavy five-speed manual transmission, an insanely nice suspension setup, competition tires and wheels, full roll cage, etc… Not as “showy” as my old truck, but just as big and a far more powerful a vehicle I think.

I hate to profit at someone else's expense, but the truck got repo'd and I could get it for a fraction of what it's worth, play with it for a while, and then sell it at a good profit. I can't really afford to buy a truck right now, but if having it pass through my hands leaves me with a good chunk of change, why shouldn't I?

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