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So I'm not surprised that yet another Republican sex scandal is in the news. Nor am I surprised that the White House says he's just “naughty” and that Clinton had done worse. Nor am I surprised that the Republicans have blocked investigation, or that pages were warning each other about Foley since 1995 and that the Republican staff has known about him for at least five years — after all, that's what a giant bribe buys you. I'm not surprised that Newt Gingrich is saying that the Republicans didn't take action because they thought it would look like it was “gay bashing, or that Rush Limbaugh says this is all a fraudulent “Democrat setup” and that Democrats in general support pedophiles, nor am I surprised that the Religious Right has said this should be blamed on “tolerance and diversity“.

I'm not even particularly surprised that Foley is a Scientologist or that the Repubicans are exploiting children to avoid “adult” questions. I'm not surprised that FOX News and other agencies knew about the story a year ago and chose to cover it up… But I have to admit that I was a little surprised that FOX would have the balls to spend a while actually calling Foley a Democrat.

Well, ignorance is strength, right?

I guess it distracts from tensions with a real nuclear nation (and I don't mean the most likely fake one), or that European airlines are potentially being banned from entering the US, or that the US recently slipped through a bill that includes text making it punishable by torture and permanent imprisonment without trial if you write negatively about the US government… Or even of the fact that the majority of Americans now believe that Bush is one of the most prolific mass murderers of his countrymen in US history (and he vows not to stop killing Americans).

That said, it's all a distraction from the upcoming environmental collapse. Good thing everyone knows about that. In my opinion, that's the only issue that people should be basing their votes on these days. As if the votes count

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