Fear of the Dark

So other than having nosebleed seats, the Iron Maiden show last night was great (especially the second half of the show — no offense intended to the new album which was the first half). The cool thing though about being way up is you get to watch the crowd motion as well, which is really fun from a nerdy point of view if you've done work with particle effects and so on.

The ACC was totally sold out, and I guess they've sold out all of their Canadian dates. When we were going in I was surprised at how few US dates there were on this tour — per capita, Canada got something like seven times as many shows! I don't know if it was just concert-talk-BS to hype up the crowd but on the next tour they're not going to bother with more US dates and just tour across Canada because they so consistently sell out… Heavy metal and mullets, right?

Random stage shot


Giant Eddy!

The illusion of stretched lobes

Pretty fun though seeing a band that I've been listening to for twenty years and never seen live — I was worried I was going to regret skipping the Mojave 3 show because they were on the same date. If you want to see a really crappy video of a part of the show, I posted it to the $1.65 billion website. I saw a bunch of Iron Maiden tattoos as well, but didn't have a chance to take pictures.

Anyway, now it's time to do some work…

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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