Is this surgery going to suck?

As long as I can remember, my right leg — specifically, the knee joint — has been in pain. It's relatively constant, and changes in intensity in relation to the weather and other factors. To put the pain level into context, when I was getting my ribs tattooed the artist was surprised that it didn't really seem to hurt me… I told him that it hurt less than my leg always hurts so it wasn't really a big deal.

Anyway, doing leg curls and extensions in that leg is sort of weird… It almost feels like I get half way through the motion, and then I have to “push past” something. My tendons make a sort of popping noise and I can feel them shift, and then I can continue the motion. It's not painful (that is, the motion/weight doesn't make it more painful), but it's definitely an odd and not-entirely-pleasant sensation.

So today I'm doing an exercise where my trainer is pushing down on my knees, and he asks me, “what's this lump on the back of your knee?”

“I don't know, isn't it on each leg?”

We spend a minute checking it out, and I literally have a golf ball sized tumor/cyst/secret-superhero-organ inside my leg ditch (as in the back of my knee joint). It's totally hard and seems to be pretty well adhered to the surrounding tissue. It's only on one side (the bad leg), and I'm guessing it's been there for at least ten or fifteen years. I don't know if it's getting worse or if it's just an old injury that I hadn't noticed. It hurts a bit right now from being manipulated (or from placebo fear, ha).

Yeah, time to call the doctor.

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