Knee, blah, car, blah…

So tomorrow I finally have my ultrasound for the tendon that's got a golf-ball-size something (probably some kind of calcium buildup) attached to it. It's been pretty unpleasant and uncomfortable lately so I'll definitely be glad not just to know what it is, but to be on course in getting it removed. When I was younger I used to fantasize about amputation, mostly because of the pain, but I'm sure that the actual treatment will be far less intense, ha…

It's funny too — I'm relatively sure that the problem has been there for ages, since I was a child, but since actually discovering it and becoming aware of the tangible physical problem (like knowing exactly where the lump is, and knowing that it's not just “part of my knee”) it's become acutely more painful. Sure, it's in part weather changes, and sure, I'm putting a lot more stress on it because of exercising, but it totally cracks me up to be aware that the increased perception of pain is totally a subconscious placebo effect that I'm powerless to control.

Anyway… I grabbed my truck back today (as you may remember, the muffler fell off), and dropped off the camo Porsche at the same time… It's so funny driving it, people are always pulling up beside me and taking camera phone pictures, and all of a sudden the moms that drop off their kids at school at the same time as I drop off Nefarious start talking to me more — which is weird because it's the same car as always. It's just a different color.

Driving around, and doing it every day as well, reminded me of long ago when I had a girlfriend that I used to give a ride to work every day… I really liked doing that. I think one of the things one misses being self employed or otherwise working out of the home is repetetive visiting with people in a non-home environment, and that's really warming and enjoyable. Makes me miss having a regular job in a way… And miss having a girlfriend (let alone wife) I guess too, ha…

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