Monthly Archives: October 2006

Another photo

So it's been pretty funny so far… A mix of people giving confused looks and thrilled looks, and, as far as I can tell, the occasional angry look. There have been a few snapshots taken with cellphones and people telling me it's their favorite Porsche ever.

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SWM seeks Fat and Ugly?

I'm not sure that this company is getting the best bang for its advertising buck… This was on an import racing site, so I'm guessing that the only people clicking on “Fat Ugly People” are not looking for dating. And really, “fat and ugly” is not enticing for all but a small fetish-driven subset of people I think…? It's not like BBW where at least there's a “beautiful” in the mix as well.

Anyway. Strange ad for a dating service to run. I know I wouldn't place an ad (or search for others) on a site that was advertised as “ugly tattooed people” or something like that…

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Camo Porsche – Stage I complete

The initial painting is complete! There's still some minor fit/finish issues on it, but it's pretty much done as far as paint goes. I wonder how many other camo Porsches are out there? There can't be many, and I'm sure this is the only one in Toronto…

I'll try and take some better pictures in the next little while but my camera battery is dead and I have to find a new charger for it… But this should at least give you an idea of what I did…

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Sticker time

So I picked up a label printer today and printed out about sixty random people from the free stuff folder. Nothing too exciting — some random stickers. Other than that I made a bunch of upgrades to BME's gallery software, so the update that I post today/tomorrow morning should have some cool new features that I'll point out when I actually post it.

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It's crazy rainy right now. I don't mind the rain, but a trip would be nice.