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We went to the Royal Ontario Museum today… It was fun; I don't think I've been there in at least fifteen years.

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Weird blackscreen of death

Dunno what that was or what caused it. Hope it doesn't happen again.

Camo Porsche Paint

I shot up to the paintshop this morning to make sure everything was cool with the camo job — I hadn't been happy with the photos that had been emailed, so I asked for some changes and they wanted me to come in person and look it over before it's finished (there's no clear coat on it yet in these pictures)…

I'm pretty happy with where it's going — here are a couple of in progress shots.

Most people take their cars way too seriously I think…

Last night we ate on Queen St so I stopped into Jupiter. One of the girls that works there has/had dreads and is taking them out so she has this giant mane of hair that's pretty awesome looking. I'm a big fan of big hair, and because it looked so different I wasn't sure if I recognized who she was or not so I think I probably was rather awkward. But yeah, great hair makes a big impression on me.

(Not really sure what the point of that addendum was).

Oh yeah, and the bumper muffler fell off my truck on the way home.

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My day so far…

Doctor: So my knee does not have a baker's cyst as many people suggested. It was kind of funny because I told her I though I had a baker's cyst and told her I'd noticed it swelled to about gold ball size at the gym (although it probably had been like that for 15+ years), and she checked, and couldn't find it at all. I insisted that it was still there and she thought it wasn't really very big and nothing to worry about.

So then I pointed at it, and I'm like, “no, this“.

It kind of shocked the doctor because I think she thought the swelling was just part of my joint or something because she seemed more than a little weirded out when she started examining it. It's not a cyst, is totally hard, and doesn't appear to be connected to the joint or bone, but it's not free moving either. Her best guess was that it's severe calcification of the tendon… Ack! Well, next appointment is an ultrasound, and then I guess they decide how best to treat it, if at all.

Camo Porsche: I stopped by the paint shop and was met there by a pile of experts… The shop had been talking to the paint manufacturer and they were pretty excited about the project and sent down their top guys to make sure the job went perfectly because they want to showcase it in their catalog. The car is currently matte black and the green and tan camo tones are going on as I write this.

I want to strip out the interior of the car and replace it with green or tan canvas with big rivets, and completely “theme” the car… Maybe I can find an interior place that wants to do it for free in trade for exhibiting the car at a few shows or something. I was actually thinking of asking some of the places that make custom S&M gear, because it's sort of a military-fetish theme…

Twin-Engine Mini-Tank: I also stopped by a big pocketbike importer and talked to them about the tank-drive go-kart project that I want to do. Because I really only need the driveline of the bike, they're going through their big pile of wrecked bikes so they can give me just the pieces I need so no money is wasted breaking down a perfectly good bike to build it.

Other than that, I'm going to start trying comment forums again. I didn't want to include them for a little while because I was watching IAM and didn't want to put extra load on the server, but it appears fairly happy so I'm going to start again…

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Is this surgery going to suck?

As long as I can remember, my right leg — specifically, the knee joint — has been in pain. It's relatively constant, and changes in intensity in relation to the weather and other factors. To put the pain level into context, when I was getting my ribs tattooed the artist was surprised that it didn't really seem to hurt me… I told him that it hurt less than my leg always hurts so it wasn't really a big deal.

Anyway, doing leg curls and extensions in that leg is sort of weird… It almost feels like I get half way through the motion, and then I have to “push past” something. My tendons make a sort of popping noise and I can feel them shift, and then I can continue the motion. It's not painful (that is, the motion/weight doesn't make it more painful), but it's definitely an odd and not-entirely-pleasant sensation.

So today I'm doing an exercise where my trainer is pushing down on my knees, and he asks me, “what's this lump on the back of your knee?”

“I don't know, isn't it on each leg?”

We spend a minute checking it out, and I literally have a golf ball sized tumor/cyst/secret-superhero-organ inside my leg ditch (as in the back of my knee joint). It's totally hard and seems to be pretty well adhered to the surrounding tissue. It's only on one side (the bad leg), and I'm guessing it's been there for at least ten or fifteen years. I don't know if it's getting worse or if it's just an old injury that I hadn't noticed. It hurts a bit right now from being manipulated (or from placebo fear, ha).

Yeah, time to call the doctor.