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Fingers and Sideshows

My fingers don't hurt at all (it's not as if tattoos really hurt after the fact anyway), but they were pretty mangled looking when I took the bandages off! The rotary really chewed up the thicker skin that's over top of the tattoos, but I figure that's a good thing because it means that it made it deep enough.

Oh, and do you want to win a free Orbax shirt and event entry? BME is sponsoring his Freaktoberfest tour, and not only do the first two IAM members to sign the RSVP list get free entry, but at every show an IAM member gets a free shirt. I don't know if it's a draw or some sort of horrific terrific contest.

Here's the dates of the tour (see also

Oct 13th – St. Clair College – Windsor
Oct 17th – Mohawk College – Hamilton
Oct 18th – Conestoga College – Kitchener (nooner)
Oct 19th – University of Windsor – Windsor (nooner)
Oct 19th – Lambton College – Sarnia
Oct 23rd – Humber College – Etobicoke
Oct 24th – Algonquin College – Ottawa
Oct 25th – Nipissing University – North Bay
Oct 26th – Sheradon Auditorium – Sudbury (sponsored by
Oct 27th – Bishop and Belcher Pub – Toronto
Oct 28th – University of Guelph – Guelph

Other than that, if anyone in New Zealand is reading this and wants to pick up a pretty rare sportscar, I just saw a Manta Mirage come up for sale. As I understand it, it's the only one in the country.

Best YouTube video I've seen in a while

This is hilarious… They're watching a BMEvideo trailer.

Ok, it's funnier if you speak German, but still…


So Ronan (Gibney) finished off my inner finger tattoos (STAY CALM) using the rotary machine I picked up from Badur a while back. It's the first time I've been tattooed by a rotary (and the first time Ronan's used one), so I don't know yet what to expect results-wise. It definitely felt like it was going in, but who knows.

That appointment was a quickie. The setup probably took more time than the tattoo. My next tattoo appointment (this time with Shane Faulkner) is much longer — a seven hour sit (in about a month), which will get me a long way into my chestpiece, a Tom of Finland inspired CBT-themed tattoo.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to that, although probably getting a gay leather chestpiece is really shooting yourself in the foot if you're into heterosexuality. That said, the odds of me dating someone that has an issue with that are slim to none.

Back from the park

So I've been trying to figure out why IAM is still online, ha. The only explanations (assuming this isn't just a temporary reprieve) I can come up with is either something random like a component being loose and then getting restored during all the testing, or that the latest batch of OS patches lead to the instability. Who knows. I'm glad it's up though, because I have a tattoo appointment this afternoon that I didn't want to cancel!

Other than that, I thought I'd briefly mention my brother's PAL armwrestling match in Dubai a few days ago against Ukrainian champion Taras Ivakin. My brother is, among other things, a professional armwrestler — a former double world champion, current Canadian champion, currently ranked #4 in North America unlimited class and #5 internationally in the 220lb class.

When Devon got there, all of his luggage was lost and there was a mixup on his hotel. To make matters worse, it's Ramadan, so during the day he can't get water or food — both very imortant — or even a phone card to call home… So he's without his stuff and without proper nutrition or hydration before a major match — and they had them out in the desert riding camels doing promotional shots for the tournament, so he got even more wiped out… And Taras has gotten so much bigger that the tournament organizers felt they'd radically mismatched my brother, so they moved him from the main event to the half-time show.

To the organizer's surprise, Devon managed to win the first two matches against Taras (he has superhuman willpower and determination — he's also Canada's youngest military ironman winner), but was wiped out after that and lost the other four. But he did well enough under very strained conditions that I think he's solidified his place in the European pro tournaments, so there will be more of these supermatches for him!

RC Madmaxmobile

So I have a 1/12 scale RC car with a broken front end, and a 1/10 scale RC car with a destroyed rear end. I like playing with the cars, so I chopped them both in half and screwed the contraption together. It seems to work pretty well, although it sure looks goofy.

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