I am fire, I feel no cold

So as I mentioned, when I was at the beach yesterday I got it into my head that I'd really like to go swimming. How cold can it be? My brother and I used to go swimming in the stream behind our barn as soon as the ice broke. Anyway, Phil liked the idea too, as did Roo, so we've got at least half of BME staff willing to go for it… Phil's proposed that we make it an actual IAM/BME event, and take part in this year's Toronto Polar Bear Club charity swim on New Year's Day 2007 (2PM, don't worry) for Habitat for Humanity Toronto.

If we can get at least a dozen people there, I'll print up a free event shirt (I have a design based on the classic and überrare Trembling In Tweed shirt) for anyone that does it and raises at least $50 in sponsorships. Coming up for Badur's party? Here's the perfect thing to do the day after, and a great fun way to start 2007.

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