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If anyone wants to write me with a recommendation on a cheap (single port is fine) KVM over IP solution, please let me know because I need to order it today. I did end up getting things back without having to go to the server room in person, but without proper indication of what's downing the machine, I really dislike doing remote power cycles without knowing what's on the screen because it could be doing a drive check or something… My leaning is still to power management issues…

Other than that, I have an MRI appointment on Monday for my knee. They asked me all about my history so I told them I'd worked as a machinist and that I had magnets in my fingers. I actually think I have a magnet left in the hand we did the removal on, that was deeply buried at the time, because there's now a painful bump that's formed right were it would have been… If it starts to discolor I'll know for sure I guess whether I need to splay myself open there again…

Me and my buddy Lucifer

So it's not particularly new news, but the idiotic book by Kupelian, “The Marketing of Evil” (subtitle: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom) is being promoted again in the various insane Christian-right publications… Long story short, a great deal of the book is based on misinterpretations of and misquotes from BME and me, and it's idiotic. From a recent article:

“Highly skilled marketers, playing on our deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity and tolerance, have persuaded us to embrace as enlightened and noble that which all previous generations since Americas founding regarded as grossly self-destructive — in a word, evil.”

I thought about what I should say to the claim that I basically work for the Devil, and am doing my best to subvert the world to “his wishes”. You know what? I don't really care. You know why? Because I do. I do want to do everything I can to reshape the world as Kupelian feels is corrupt, deviant, and evil. In the context of how good and evil are framed by these religious extremists, I'm happy to be firmly on the side of Satan in this debate. It's not a secret at all, and I feel that all good people, independent of faith, should side with the symbolic Satan in this worldview..

Seriously. If you define Satanism as having the right to determine your own fate — which really is what religious extremists consider “evil” when you strip away the moralism — no matter what others may think is appropriate, feel free to it all Satanic. Real Christians know that's a BS accusation anyway.

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Phil + Dena

Wow, crap! I really haven't been posting here so much. I need to start carrying around my audio recorder and just making audio posts… I have MP3 posting built into the IAM software, I just have to turn it on.

Anyway, the first thing I have to say (although I said it on ModBlog earlier I guess), is HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL! I've been working with Phil on BME projects since 1998, and since last year Phil has pretty much totally managed the image-end of BME's submissions. So a big thanks to him for that work and a happy birthday!

And speaking of birthdays, if it was Nefarious's 15th birthday, I'd be buying her a Dena for us to build together, ready for her 16th birthday… It's the funnest looking cute little car!

We lifted the Porsche up on the hoist today to replace the front tie-arms (which the body shop was freaking out about), but it didn't end up needing anything replaced after all… I kind of think that the body shop who insisted I do this was trying to cover their ass because they didn't put together the front bumper right (a mistake that probably cost them far more than they wanted) and wanted to make me feel like they were doing me a favor covering the costs, ha… Anyway, so it was a bit of a wasted morning dealing with that but I got to see friends that I don't often get a chance to see so that's always nice.


So on the race through Mexico that Rachel is doing (click the picture below for her race blog), the drivers traditionally give out postcards of themselves and their cars to kids along the route… So I quickly whipped this up and I guess it will be printed down there because the race starts shortly.

What a funny memento it may be in fifty years to the kids that held on to it all those years…

Boxing is bad for your joints

So Phil and I went to boxing this morning (just a workout class, not sparring). I made it through a lot more than I thought I would — we did the whole hour and a half — although I thought I was going to quit after twenty minutes of (very sloppy) skipping because when I bang my mutant knee around it feels like I'm holding a grapefruit with the back of my knee for the rest of the day. But I didn't and we both made it through it.

My trainer (on whose urging I went, to address cardio and coordination) who I do mostly weights with, asked me how I like it. I told him I didn't really like it a lot (which isn't quite true, I didn't mind it, but really, I like weights a lot), but that I'd keep going because there are plenty of hot girls in the class… I think she's the instructor's girlfriend so no one repeat this or I may get my ass kicked, but one's got a kind of Denise Richards in Wild Things vibe going on that's really over the top appealing when she's boxing.

I thought it was kind of cool when Marty was dating a boxer (she was really nice too), but now I get the appeal on a different level! I was thinking about it and although I've dated a few people who are crazy-attractive, I don't think I've dated anyone who I'd consider “fit”. Speaking of crazy-attractive hot girls, Rachel is down in Mexico right now on a major race — she's set up a blog and should be posting to it during the race assuming the hotels they stop at have internet access (which has so far been the case).

Man, there's something really, really wrong with me. I can't do anything without sexualizing it, let alone anything physical. I mean, I'm no Michelle, the pass around girl, but I don't think I could be a monk (the pious, celibate sort, full of pure thoughts, not the rapist sort) for more than a few seconds.

Oh, and in the “good news” department, Ryan just got a pro 11×17 printer today, so BMEshop will be able to do a whole new class of shirt designs because we can do far larger prints (we do everything inhouse)… The Tattooing For Satan shirts should be back in print again soon as well (watch Ryan's page for updates).

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